11 Books That Will Make You Holiday a Very Splendid One

11 Books That Will Make This Quarantine Worthwhile

If anything, it is more time to snuggle up with the books we love.

If you are a bookaholic, I’m sure you will agree that this quarantine has blown up your reading appetite into an addiction – a jolly good addiction, I must say.

Don’t ask what we’ve been reading, we’ve been reading a bit of this and a bit of that; vacation reads, power play, Oprah’s memoir – just know it’s everything good and delicious ever printed on paper.

The Godfather by Mario Puzzo

Have you read Mario Puzzo’s The Godfather? The truth is I never had( up until a few weeks ago. Although I had heard people talk about it every few years).

I only decided to find the book after it popped up on my Insta timeline a few times. Then as if on cue, my friend tried to “Wowza” me with a quote from The Godfather during one of our conversations.

At that moment my mind was made up – I had to get my hands on The Godfather, and when I did, I finally understood how this book has managed to transcend generations and still clinch top spot on readers’ delight list.

This is the first Mario Puzzo’s book I have ever read – cringing. Yeah, for a self-acclaimed bookaholic this confession is a major let down. I promise I won’t fall my hand again. And I’m a converted Mario Puzzo fan now.

But honestly, how do I describe this book for you? It is the crudest, rawest, and yet the purest form of political power play, and for once I don’t think of politicians in such a blasé way – the Mario Puzo effect but it’s bound to wear off soon, trust me.

It made me think that maybe our politicians are just like the Godfather; an ordinary young man until destiny finds him and cuts out his path. He has to make difficult choices. Has to commit abominable things to protect himself and those he cares about.

Outside as an onlooker, you would be want to judge, but getting to follow the Godfather on his journey, you would be content to accept that things are not rigidly black and white anyway.

If you have a flair for politics or more than just a mild curiosity, this book will whet your appetite in generous measures. Take you through thoroughly spurned treachery, long branches of influence, the malleable arms of the law and the authority that great wealth commands. It is also deeply rooted in love and family.

How do “glitzy book reviewers” put it “I couldn’t put it down, such a page-turner, irresistible read, highly rivetting”.

Oprah’s What I know for sure

A memoir of Oprah’s life before the fame and during the fame. It reminds me of Anne Frank’s diary; Oprah’s sharply honest conversations about her life’s lessons, best memories, love lost and found, friendships, adulting.
The struggle to find her identity as a black girl (you know the typical black stories of broken families, toxic loves, identity crisis, and to top it all off, the black girl among white people).

In this book, you get to see Oprah. I mean, not the star-studded, celebrity shoulder-rubbing Oprah. Or the most influential black woman Oprah. Just Oprah as is. You get to have firsthand insights into her childhood, who she is now as a grown woman. Her treasured life lessons and the best gift of all is that reading her story will give you hope that anything is possible, God is watching over you.

You are a major piece in a grand master plan “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you; of good and not of evil to bring you to an expected end”. That you have a purpose and then the most important ones; whatever you are going through is only just a phase, and you will be fine.

The Travelling Tea Shop

Smirking. Did you think I would last more than two books without sneaking a lovey-dovey read, in between? Oh gosh, my romantics, if there was ever a book I would recommend in my sleep, the travelling Tea Shop will be vetoed without losing a wink.

A travelogue as the name states, stuffed with a cakey treat. Who wouldn’t love a job that allows you to travel all over the world scouting new cake recipes and eating them too– this is legit Laurie’s job. It is one helluva star-struck girl that comes to interview for famous Pamela, best known as the babycakes founder.

The job is a dream come true for Laurie, and as she gets herself ready for the trip of a lifetime, nothing can prepare her for the surprise of finding that her oh so perfect celebrity family is on the brink of tearing apart. Now she has two jobs to do; muster all her professional training to make sure the trip is a success and the cake book is out as scheduled, and 2, find a way to stop this family from tearing apart. But there are perks; she gets a new family for one, finds healing, and she finally meets “the one”. Are you in love island yet?

Babes, you all need something light before bed. And this book comes highly recommended.

The Bride Test by Helen Hoang

Love in a time of autism. Or how else do I introduce it? Love in a time of single motherliness? Laughs. Okay, I will be serious. Esme is a single mother to a fairy eyed little girl in Vietnam. She lives with her mother, who is getting old, and she knows her wages as a maid is not enough to give her baby girl the best life she needs.

This problem has been chipping at her insides, and more distressing is the feeling of helplessness. What can a mother do???

She goes out as usual on this ordinary day to resume work as a hotel help when this chance encounter with Khia’s mum, puts her life in a whirl. You know how they say, “It takes only a minute for your whole life to turn around?” Oh yeah, exactly how it happened for Esme.

Not long now, she is in America being the pretend girlfriend of an autistic young man. This would not have been so bad if he wasn’t dashingly good looking and all out to break her heart?

Is she going to lose this chance of happiness again, or for once things will turn in her favour and she would actually get the man she wants, the doting father for her daughter, and reunite with her long lost dad?

I don’t want to enjoy all these alone. Make sure you get your copies. By the way, hardcopy or e-books?

And what book would you want to see on our next list? Drop your recommendations in the comments below.



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