Dope Natural HairStyles You Need To Try Now Now

Natural Hair Styles You Absolutely Need To Try Right Now

When you see my hair you will think that I don’t love love myself, but I do. Honest.

I really, really do love myself. And I am sorry, but when it comes to hairdo can I be permitted to slack?

Phew. Some of “us” this period, are in dire need of a hairstylist. The “us” is me. My hair if not for my mother(who has been helping me keep it presentable), would be in a “state” by the time this whole Rona ish is over – and boy! It’s taking too long.

While I wait until I’m able to finally give my hair some good good loving in a salon, I do have some natural hairstyle ideas that I can’t wait to try.

I have been wanting to experiment with colours on my natural hair for a long time. And the choice has always been between burgundy red and blonde. Somehow I have always felt both would be dope on my light skin. However, Jackie Aina’s natural blonde curls have sealed the deal – blonde it’s going to be!

Scroll below for more jaw-dropping natural hair styles you can slay too.


More colours! Who else agrees colouring your hair adds more swagger to your already dope swag? I tell you, it brings out the “boss look extraordinaire”.

Short Curls

What’s to stop you from looking dope? Nothing. Not even if your hair is cropped, babe.

Box Braids

Braids will always remain a favourite protective style for natural hair. Plus it’s chic, stylish and versatile.

Passion Twists

Why is it called passion twists though? I love love it.

Shoulder Length Box Braids

Anytime you don’t feel like carrying braids that reach as far down as your hips, you can always choose the simple and classy shoulder-length hairstyle.


Natural Locs

There’s just so much you can do with your hair. So much.


At this point, I’m telling myself “babe you don’t need no hairstylist to do this for you(I am a naturalista too. Proud one). You can do it yourself.” Who believes me? You better don’t.

High Curls

You can pack your curls in a bun. Highly convenient and easy to do.

Flat Twists

More of Braids

Bantu Knots

Braids are truly versatile. You can style them any which way and look so beautiful.

Jackie Aina outchea giving us lewks

Jessica Pettway Serving Faux Locs

Natural Hair Styles!

Just negodu what you can do with your natural hair!

Which hairstyle is your favourite? Let us know in the comments, and oh yeah, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @alexilore

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