4 Bad habits you should stop this year on your journey of growth

4 Bad habits you should stop this year on your journey of growth

If you are ready with your pen and paper, let’s write down the bad habits that have caused us shame(to go into our room and when no one is looking and ball ourselves out, ‘why do I keep doing this shameful thing?) in the last few years.

The year has begun already, and it’s about time you do some self-evaluation. I have always believed that if you are not growing as a person, then something else is taking place which is DEPRECIATION(can you tell I’m saying this in a sing-song voice?)!

This is the reason why days before the new year, I sat down and drew up a list of inferior habits I have to trash, ASAP. I made a commitment to myself, to never remain inert(I should be proactively growing as a person).

So yeah, these are some of my “No wins”:


I have always known to procrastinate was my Achilles heels, but I never resolved to do something about it. So this year will be the year I tackle this flaw head-on. If Proverbs 26:13: “The slacker says, A lion is in the road! A fierce lion roams the public square! (message)”, does not make you cringe, it does me. The similitude to slacker is slothful, lazy, sluggard, and procrastinator(the sun is too hot, I will go in the evening. Just think of all the excuses you give for not attacking a task immediately).

Don’t believe that because I said I will tackle procrastinating, it, therefore, means I am going to send it packing from my life like a PRO -this is an illusion. What will happen is this; since I have decided to discourage procrastination, I will make conscious efforts to do what needs to be done, immediately. I will not wait for “the perfect time” or when I feel like it. Admit it, ‘I don’t feel like it’, has fueled this habit.

Slack spiritual life:

When I try to visualize the woman I am, spiritually, I see a lady with one leg that’s hopping around the place and getting very little done. Just ask me, ‘hows your spiritual life?’ and my answer is, I am ashamed! I saw a lady’s post on Instagram, and she said, “in 2019, I grew into a #badassprayerwarrior”. Okrrrr. I never knew that badass prayer warrior is a thing, but after I read that, I felt “the pang”-the jealous pang. As an advocate of “do you”, I wasn’t comparing, I was just engaging in reality-check. I know where I want to be spiritually and the fact that I have not pulled my weight, made me feel the sting. This year, I intend to consume the word like never before.

Social media first thing in the morning:

Do I have to tell you? You should know this is not good for your emotional, mental, spiritual wellbeing because what you see, hear and perceive first thing in the morn, subconsciously affects your whole energy for the day. You are opening your mind to all manner-I mean all manner.

If you are not communicating with God, first thing in the morning, you should be talking to yourself-speaking into your day, declaring what you want to see. You can listen to messages that will build you up and set the tone of your day. Racing to social media first thing in the morning consumes chunks out of your time, make you unproductive and if care is not taken, mess up your mind and inevitably spoil your day.

Why you should make punctuality on your to list this year

I am one of those people who “own” their lateness-I use it as bragging rights. I say things like, ‘I can’t even be early to my wedding, and if I used a helicopter to arrive at my destination, I still will be twenty minutes late(how’s that!)’, and be feeling very proud of myself. If you are reading this and you are like me, and you are smiling, I want to hit you- being late is sloppy behaviour! If we don’t tell ourselves the truth, who will?

I just listed out all(maybe not all) of my bad habits. What are your bad habits?

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