5 Luxurious Destinations to Help You Get Your Groove Back On

5 Luxurious Destinations to Help You Get Your Groove Back On

Some days you feel like you need to pack your bags, hop on the next available flight to anywhere. You need it girl, I tell you. No better stress reliever than a change of environment, “alone”.

Sometimes the best gift is solitude; you don’t have to worry over anyone other than you. Go where you want, eat what you want, do what you want.

Personally my fav destinations for a Girlcation are:

French Quarters New Orleans; Ever since I read John Grisham’s, The Pelican Brief, I fell in love- love at first read with the Native Cajun folks, Sea Food, French Coffee, Chicory, and Beignets. What’s not to love?(about food especially).

Barbados; You can bring the girls sometime, perfect spot for a HenDoo.

The Maldives; Name alone holds so much promise makes one think of romance and magic.

That wraps up my top three!

It is still Women’s History Month (so, permit me to be dramatic) and I present to you, top five destinations that is sure to help you get your groove back on, all through 2019!


Mummies! And Pharaohs and Curses oh yes!

Who is with me?  If you have even a semi-adventurous mind, or you fancy ancient history, surely you wouldn’t mind darting around tombs and discovering mystical relics at the world-class Egyptian Museum of Thahir Square. Call your travel agent this minute and scour for the best travel deal. Hopefully, you don’t encounter any Mummies but you might make new discoveries of your own while pyramid hopping.

Watch out for the Pyramid of Djoser, the first pyramid ever built which dates back to the 27th century, the Pyramids of Giza, and the Valley of the Kings. If you opt to go down the Nile on a boat cruise, make sure you have Agatha Christie’s, Death On The Nile with you. If you have read it, this trip will ensure you appreciate the book even more.

Do lodge in Cairo, spoil yourself in either the Four Seasons Hotel, or The Sheraton; Forbes two most luxurious hotels in Egypt.


This is the perfect hideaway for the sister that wants to shut out every noise and just take a breather; psychologically, emotionally and mentally. Santorini Greece is the embodiment of peaceful -iconic blue-domed churches, whitewashed buildings, and magnificent cliff-side vistas. The serene vibes of the breathtaking island of Santorini makes it the perfect haven.  The Venetian Castle in Akrotiri and the La Ponta Tower is perfect for art historians, and for a splash of fun and sun, visit Kamari Beach, or the Red Beach.

Don’t leave Greece without a wine tasting experience especially as Peloponnese has a culture of wine-making. There are more wineries and grape varieties here than any other region in Greece.


Can I say welcome to ‘’Italiano’’ already? -Between Venice, Italy and Paris, France which do you think deserves to be hailed city of love?

Love yourself back to health

First stop has to be the The Teatro La Fenice to experience firsthand Opera. Check out the Dorsoduro shop, the Doge’s Palace, the Rialto Bridge, the San Giorgio Maggiore, as well as the Alberoni Beach. Afterwards, romance  your palate at Restaurant Terrazza Danieli(yippee!).

Venture into Rome and take snapshots at the Pantheon, Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, The Borghese Gallery and Gardens, Spanish Steps and Piazza Navona.


You only come to Cape Town to do one thing; Soak up the diamond blue waters! If you are not doing that, you should be sunning in the Sauna with a glass of Peña-Colada and a choice read. Make a stop at Cape Wine Lands for the finest wines and if hiking is your forte, be on the lookout for hiking trails.


Name rings a bell? If you have not watched or read crazy rich Asians yet – what are you waiting for? You need some spanking. The glamorous life of the Crazy rich Asians was set in Singapore. Singapore is the city of lights and shopping. Shopaholics you will shop without guilt tripping. The only alarms going off would be bank statements (can you tell I am smiling mischievously?).

Singaporeans are also known for their spicy cuisine, so when you are not designer scouting, fill your nostrils with Asian rich aromas wafting from street food in the night markets.

There are also private islands and resorts around, such as Cempedak, charming Pulau Joyo, and beautiful Bawah Reserve.

I believe you are dialing your travel agent right about now. It’s going to be so worth it babe. Always remember; you need to take care of you!

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