7 Unique Ways to Style Jean Trousers

7 Unique Ways to Style Jean Trousers

I am unrepentant jean and t-shirt kind of girl, so don’t usually expect to see me in any other style, and since I carry it off as a one-style for all occasions, then you can bet that knowing how to blend my denim trousers to fit every occasion is essential.

Browse through our catalogue for 10 versatile ways to style jean trousers.

Baggy jeans and tank tops are back in style – throw this on when you are out and about running home errands. You can still be a stylish mama without much effort.

Statement jeans and Ankara – Whoop! Whoop! Adunno when we learnt to match jeans with African print, but it was the best fashion decision ever.

Overalls and a pair of street jeans – a mixture of classy and street. It sends the word out, ‘don’t mess with me’.

Walk into those meetings, organize those engagements – a long-sleeved shirt over a pair of jeans and strappy sandals will do the trick.

Jean and coat will keep you feeling cuddled in at the same time chic.

And our favourite look ever, the girl-next-door look. Check out Beverly Naya.

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