8 Questions You Need To Ask To Manifest The Woman Of Your Dreams

8 Questions To Ask Yourself, To Manifest The Woman Of Your Dreams

On very random days, I may go through an experience and the way I approach and respond to the situation could make me pause and say, “Woah, I like the woman I am becoming” and immediately afterwards the experience is behind me and I go on with my life.
I, like so many others, have just missed a perfect opportunity for self-intimacy.
It was Socrates who said, “Man, know thyself”. How can we when we are constantly on the move, always busy, the little we know about ourselves, most we have gathered through daily habits and interactions with people? However, many of us have never really sat down to map out the profile of the woman we want to grow into.

This action is just as important as planning for the future. You know what you do, you start with making goals(long term and short term) and you break them into bit-sized achievable tasks.

You should do exactly the same for your future self. Do you think about her at all, the woman you want to become? If so, it’s time you map out her profile – who is she? Where does she fit in this large, large world, what kind of woman would she be? – and afterwards, you can set goals to help you become that woman.

If you are not ready right now, you can always bookmark this post for later and use these to answer the question, who is the woman I want to be?

The woman I want to become who is she?

A kind woman? Diligent? Doesn’t take no for an answer? A go-getter? Is she loving? how does she carry herself, with grace? Is the kind of woman I want to be soft-spoken?

The follow-up question should always be what can I start doing to manifest this woman? It could be something like this:

To be a woman who radiates love, I will show love at every opportunity I can. Refuse to allow negative experiences with people fill me with hate, instead, I will always choose to learn and rise from the experience. If I want to be soft-spoken I have to always watch my tone in conversations. For me to evolve as a diligent and hardworking woman, I will always be ready to put in the work and not look for a destructive shortcut to success.

8 Questions To Ask Yourself, To Manifest The Woman Of Your Dreams

What do I want my life to look like say, ten, twelve years from now?

Do you visualize a quiet life, predictable no drama or a boisterous one filled with people and activities?

Your life now, does it mirror what you want even slightly? What are the things you can start doing to bring you closer to that reality? Do you have to expand your network, spend more time with family, or start making travelling plans?

What kind of job does she have?

What kind of company? If you were to describe the work culture, what would you say? When you have answers to these questions, the next step is to lookup companies that fit the bill. What traits do their employees have? Do you need a higher degree? Do you need more experience?

If being the boss in the boardroom of someone else’s company does not appeal to you and you would rather be the CEO of your own business, good.

Pen it down, what kind of business? What are your business goals, have you thought of the quality of employees you want, the customers you intend to reach? Start building that business, babe. Start from where you are and grow it to where you expect it to be. There’s no perfect time, just start.

How does she make her money?

Family inheritance? Job, Investments, Dependent on the opposite sex or from her own investments – what kind of investments?

Is she married? What is the quality of her relationship with her husband and kids?

Right now is your marriage up to that standard? If no, how can you improve? And if you are single take time to evaluate the quality of men you keep. Do they fit the bill of responsible husbands if no then what are you doing about it? If all you see is a woman who is single and thriving then start being that woman.

How does she dress – like a classy confident and chic woman?

Does your wardrobe presently look anything like that? No. You probably can’t afford that wardrobe now but what you can do is work towards it. Insert a wardrobe haul into any future plans you have.

How is her spiritual life?

Does she have a strong relationship with God, is her faith unshakable, is she a woman that teaches her children to find God? Are you that woman now or you are the woman who’s at the club at 1am on a Saturday night and can’t even say her name?

You know the power of writing things down, it put things in perspective and sort of holds you emotionally accountable. You will always be able to look at that note and cross-check if you are on the right path, veered off-path, you need a temporary detour or you really need to start over.

Visualize who you want to be. Write it down. Show up as her every single day. And then become her – the best version of you!



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