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Young women: Savvy. Whip-Smart. The Modish Girl’s guide to navigating adulting. Adulting is hard. *Phew!* We were in such a hurry to grow up only to land smack-dab in a grownup situation, almost completely clueless. But don’t worry. All those things no one prepared you for especially making critical career, relationship, spiritual and life choices; just know that Alexilore is meant to be the big sis, to help you manoeuvre all of life’s curveballs.

We won’t let you go through situations ill-prepared. Nope. Not on our watch. So, hold your head high. Strap on your heels. Splash on that heady scent. Show up. And damn, get the ball rolling!

Alexilore’s mission is to create an online destination that will be an empowering, inspirational and interactive destination for the style-conscious, classy, sassy, knowledge seeking, God centered young women.

A community for young women to blossom and flourish under guidance from well-prepared read, which spans the glossy prints of relationships, , style, career, God, motherhood and man!  

We have established that there can never be enough indispensable resources out there for you to consume and relish. It is our desire to bring you the best, spiced with a labour of love.


Interested in submitting your own story to Alexilore.com? Check out our Submissions page to learn how to submit your work.


  1. Temiloluwa says:

    I am so happy to be here

    1. super user says:

      Settle in then. You are welcome!

  2. Angelos says:

    Really love your work! Kudos!!!

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