Adrienne Houghton reveals How Her Christian Upbringing Shaped Her Into The Woman She is

Adrienne Houghton christian upbringing

Adrienne Houghton recently released a vlog on her channel, about her Christian upbringing and how it has made her the woman she is today. She talks about the women in her lives; her mom and grandma and the role they played, what it means to be evenly yoked, and if her Christian upbringing influenced her romantic relationships.

Having a celebrity sit down and talk about her Christian journey is inspiring. It strengthens your knowledge that God’s love is boundless. His love spans across social status, culture, race and, nationality and it all boils down to your decision to accept him; this will be the launch of your Christian journey. I am always excited when more and more media personalities come out and talk about Jesus and share their faith. The stories are different, but there’s always a lot to relate with.

A lot of you also may be wondering, what role did religion play in my life? Growing up, I would say it played a huge role. I was raised in not just a Christian household but a Pentecostal household.

Adrienne Houghton

Adrienne’s childhood was not much different from most of us, especially if you are raised by a generation of women that take Jesus seriously. In my house, there were rules everywhere; no painting your face(too loud), dress appropriately, church services are not to be missed. Oh yeah, and my personal favourite; no worldly songs, if you must sing, sing gospel – this one was hard to do, I mean when all your girlfriends from school are nodding to the latest rap from Eminem or Rihanna’s dance hall, and you can’t do same, not around the house anyway.

Also, there were some, I think it’s called legalistic rules which means we follow very strict rules – there are things that I didn’t do, couldn’t do, wouldn’t do. I was not allowed to watch Married with Children, The Simpsons was totally forbidden in my home because I think Bart called his teacher the b-word onetime.

Adrienne Houghton

Family ritual

I don’t think my family had any major family ritual that we did, but some practices stuck, such as night devotion. Don’t wait to be reminded – every night just before we go to bed, we pray as a family(a family altar), and then we pray before we eat anything, anything at all (does this qualify as a family ritual?).

I was out here straight up Xena Warrior Princess

Adrienne Houghton

Adrienne mentioned that her mum would have her and her sister put on the whole armour of Christ before they ever step out the door and leave the house. This made me chuckle, because though my mum never had us recite anything, but before we left the house for any major event, there has to be some prayer session.

She would lay hands on your head and really prayyyy(yeah, the prayer always seemed long even though it was never more than five minutes) and no matter how in a hurry you are, you are stuck there until she is done.

My mom would have us put on our armour, the full armour of God. So before I would go to school, my mom would pray with both me and my sister at our doorway. When she would send us out of the house, she would pray over us that God protects us and that we remember who we are, that we’d be a light in a dark world.

Adrienne Houghton


Adrienne said that her background, I mean her Christian upbringing didn’t really influence her romantic interest which I found funny coming from the fact that her parents, actually her dad had to convert from catholic to Pentecostal, because her mom didn’t believe in having a divided Christian home.

Adrienne had to learn the lesson of being unequally yoked in her past relationships. A lot of us can relate – dating someone whose values don’t align with yours and what’s important to you on a moral basis, is at the backburner for them, there’s bound to be clashes.

It was really important to me to marry somebody with the same faith as me, but I didn’t realize that, and I wasn’t conscious about that because I had dated people before that didn’t attend church and then later on in the relationship, it kind of became a weird spot for us.

Adrienne Houghton

Now as a grown woman, Christianity for Adrienne has taken on a whole different look, past religious practices; it is more like understanding God’s love for her, and choosing to walk every day in that love and bouncing off that love on others as well.

My relationship with Christ comes down to his ultimate love for us, which was dying on the cross, and I want a reflection of that kind of love every single day in my life. It makes me be a better person. It makes me conscious of the decisions I make: am I good to people? Am I being kind to people? Am I serving my community?

Adrienne Houghton

The power of prayer

You know when you are growing up, the emphasis is always hammered on vitamins, ‘Take your vitamins child, eat your greens and you will grow healthy, and strong.’ I feel we should also channel that energy into emphasizing the need to pray always and do it like we are supposed to take vitamins. Prayer is so important in our Christian journey, and we shouldn’t take it for granted – if there are people to pray, there’s a God to answer.

Prayer gets me through every single day I believe in the power of prayer ultimately God is good, God is good, God is real. Pick up a bible, read about how good he is.


Adrienne Houghton’s Christian upbringing and its influence on her marriage

Married to Israel Houghton, one thing Adrienne cherishes the most about her union is that theirs is a threefold cord. I mean just listen to her talk about how sweet it is to have a husband that loves God and the fact that they can bond over worship music.

There’s nothing better than coming down the steps and like hearing amazing music and hearing my husband just be on the piano and worshiping God

Adrienne Houghton

Can I give you a tip? You know, in marriage you are accountable to your husband, and this is where the beauty of a Christian relationship comes in – your husband is accountable to God. A man that is accountable to God will love you better.

Whatever decisions he makes, the things he does, what he allows into the home will all be done with a God-consciousness. It’s not like one time or another he won’t slip in his duty to love and protect you, but that is why the Holy Spirit is there, prompting him to love you just as Christ loves the church.

It makes me be a better wife, the fact that I don’t just answer to my husband, but I answer to God.

Storytime: My Faith Journey

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