All the Manicure designs that we can't seem to tear our eyes from

These are all the manicure designs to die for this season. Don't say we didn't tell ya!

I love nails, but I had to take a break because it seemed that the nail artisans that kept doing my nails were hell-bent on filling my skin away. After the last almost successful attempt, I said to myself, hold it y’all, I think I need a break… which worked out fine, actually. I got to see women around me flaunt their nails, but I didn’t get jealous till I scrolled through my Insta feed during the holiday festivities and oh boy, I lost my resolve… all of it. If I have to go through a little bit of pain to get my nails looking like anything I saw, then it’s totally worth it.

Marble nails on fleek
Polka dots with a lot more flare. If your artisan doesn’t make your nails finger looking good, you know what to do.
Jeweled solid black and nude nails.
Statement white and nude nails sprinkled with glitter stones.
Brighten your look with this popping green colour.
Nails that speak “winter is coming”. *wink*
Never been a chocolate fan, but these nails have turned me into a believer.

Which of these nail designs are you going to be rocking? Let us know in the comments.

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