Legit best hangout spots in Lagos where you can treat yourself to some real, good TLC

Legit best hangout spots in Lagos where you can treat yourself to some real, good TLC

So I sat down and thought where are the best hangout spots in this Lagos(because it’s hyped so much) or in this Nigeria can a girl to sef and have FUN, I mean the type of fun that feels so good, no one would doubt your self-love- glow when you resume work on a Monday.

I will always point out that a vacation is an act of self-care. We grind and we grind, that we even become “grinder”. Lol. I don’t mind at all treating myself so good on a weekend, that I have the stamina to face whatever it is the week throws at me.

If you know me(by following my stories) you should tell that I long for only the best…the best “instagrammable” hangout spots in Lagos where you will find food; food for your “sophisticated taste buds” as my girlfriend put it(I had to ask her if the “tastebuds” wore high heels).

What are you doing this weekend? If you have all the time in your hands, then you should really forsake those dreary places you routinely frequent and instead try somewhere new with your girlfriends or your date, whichever.

Best hangout spots in Lagos

The Orchid Bistro

Ambience was the top on our list when we went location scouting and the Orchid Bistro has good food, a beautiful backdrop and everything a girl needs to feel good.



You can get a Margarita, a Bourbon Brulee or a Strawberry lemon mojito for not more than 3000 NG. Dear “chocolatey” fans, you will find that you will greatly enjoy the Nutella hot chocolate. As for me, a girl’s got to have her Pina Colada.


There’s a gorgeous restaurant on Mega Plaza, and that’s Craft Gourmet! Pop in with your girlfriends and try their Hummus, Crostinis and the Chicken fajita wrap. Babe, I am sure you are like, “all these big-sounding names…if they don’t taste as good.” A trial will conceive, convince you. Lol.

The Tea Room Lagos

The name alone is inviting, it speaks “girl time” as nothing else has ever spoken to me before. If the floral backdrop, legit doesn’t call to you, (believe me, for photos at The Tearoom Lagos, I would spend my last card on two cups *you bet I will be dragging a friend with me* of Camomile tea just for a selfie) the pastries and desserts will.


Donuts. Coffee. Drinks. The three things you need to feel that #sugarrush! And dunno about you, but there can never be a dull moment with yummy looking doughnuts.

Brass and Copper

Try visiting at twilight, heard they have a bubbly nightlife.

My Konos on the roof

Named after the famous Greek island, Mykonos this place really is breathtaking.


We’ve saved the best for last! Okay, I admit. I am biased. I just have a soft spot for Hansandrene, and you will know why when you pop in wink.

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Image Credit: @KrispyKremeng

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