5 Books to Help You Kill Time While Staying Home

Contemporary Romance Novels You Should Add To Your Reading Diet

Contemporary romance novels that should be added to your reading diet

In the first few days when the news of lockdown hit most of us, we probably accepted it as a much-needed break(Nigerians don’t know how to pause. Forever on the grind.). A week into this thing and a lot of you are getting restless. I am baffled.

I think extroverts are the ones bearing the brunt of this lockdown, oh the horrors of being confined indoors and not getting to mingle, is definitely taking its toll on most of my extroverted friends.

For once, introverts have the upper hand. It’s like we’ve been secretly prepping for this lockdown all our lives! I am not gloating, honest. honest. I am only amused.

If you feel you are on the brink of isolation fatigue, it’s a sign that it is time to retrace your steps back to your bookshelves, blow out the dust moles and bring down a volume or two.

My library; hard copy and e-book are one of my most treasured possessions. If I am not on my bed with a paperback then I’m out-and-about sneaking in a read on my mobile gadget anytime I spy an open window(free chance).
These past few days have allowed me to consume as much content as I have desired my, my and I will be sharing my recent reads with you…correction. Sizzling. Contemporary. Romantic reads.

V.C Andrews’ Dollanger series and Sophie Kinsella ‘I Owe You One’ made the cut.

Absolutely enthralling, emotionally gripping romance novels. And if you are the romantic who likes to feel like there are butterflies in your tummy when reading a romantic paperback, “I Owe You One’ won’t disappoint you.

V.C Andrews – Dollanger Series

This contemporary romance novel by V.C. Andrews is really old, but the story is timeless and the narration remains ever powerful and filled with lessons.

A comfortable family of six suddenly is made to face the harsh realities of losing the sole breadwinner.

The mom who has no employable skills is forced to do what she feels is the next best thing; packs up her children-Chris, Cathy, the twins Corry and Carrie- to the grandparents.

‘Grandparents are awfully wealthy’, she tells them. ‘The house is big with plenty of rooms’. ‘Mommy will earn a skill, and we would have a house of our own’. ‘Be good children until grandfather dies and then mommy will inherit all the money’.

With time these children learn that everything is gravely wrong; ‘that their birth is an abomination. The grandmother hates them. That they have to stay in the attic and never come out. Their grandfather has refused to die. Mommy has a new lover. That they may never ever get out. And their mother wants them dead!’

By the time these children have the sense enough to flee Foxworth Hall, the damage has been done. They have lost one of the twins and these children would forever live all their lives haunted by memories of that house.

As the series progresses, the children; Cathy, Carrie and Chris are adopted by a widower-a doctor. He helps Chris achieve his dream of being a medical doctor and Cathy of being a ballerina. Even Carrie-who had a hard time in life as a result of stunted growth because of years spent locked up in the attic-found meaning to life again.

But can the Dollanganger children completely forget the past and move on?

Cathy is determined to have her revenge at all cost. And she guns for everything her mother holds dear; even if it means having a child for Bartholomew Winston, her mother’s husband.

I Owe You One – Sophie Kinsella

Imagine a having continuous fall out with Mr Wrong without realizing that Mr Right is the guy you almost friend-zoned.
Girls! We do a perfect job of breaking our own hearts by ourselves; ‘Mr Wrong’ is not good for you, but he looks perfect outwardly, and no matter how many times he makes you cry, he is still your ‘the one’???

This is how it is for Fixie who is in love with her childhood crush arsehole. Shhh. I didn’t say that whom everyone who has EYES, can tell he is not a keeper. Still, she hopes that the 10th time will be the charm.

On a fateful day at a coffee shop, she dives across her end of the room to save a strangers laptop from a caved-in ceiling, and now he owes her – a perpetual debt that must be paid.

Can you truly pay a debt owed by two hearts? Find out in this delicious paperback.

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