Different personality types and why you should take the test

personality types

Good knowledge of your personality type(types) is a foot forward in knowing yourself, and if you don’t know already, knowing yourself is the best advantage you can ever have.

“Man, know thyself”, by Socrates is still one of the most profound sayings till this day. Knowing yourself is crucial to living life to the fullest.

Once you grasp(to a large extent) who you are, you become a formidable weapon in constructing the life you desire in terms of education, career, social interactions( to successfully co-exist with the rest humans on this planet. Wink), health – you name it.

It will give you an understanding of your strengths, your weaknesses, your quirks, your cattiness, and also, self-awareness is vital to self-love. In Myles Munroe’s(of blessed memory) voice, how can You love the You that You don’t know? And how can someone else possibly love You right, when you are not even sure how You want it done?

Have you ever read this book, Why You Act the Way You Do by Tim LaHaye? It is an in-depth approach to the different personality types; the sanguines, the melancholic, choleric and phlegmatic. I definitely recommend it.

Personality types

Miss Sanguine is the ever bubbly life of the party, just want to have fun, spur of the moment girl. Do you have a friend, more like, friends (because to me sanguines seem to be the dominant temperament type) that always have more than a thing or two to say on every subject and if she doesn’t, she changes the topic and creates her own? That’s a sanguine. Welcome to the club. A sanguine knows everyone (or you can put it this way, everyone seems to know Miss Sanguine). You know the personal beef I have with these people? (a beef that all introverts can definitely relate with) It’s that they are likely to live you hanging almost all the time.

Take this scenario. You, the introvert commits to attend a friends party(actually, she made you do it after a lot of sour faces from her end. So you acquiesced). You both arrive at the party, and after greeting and making your presence noticed, you just want to grab a table and have a conversation with two or three people or just relax a little and have a look around but by the time you turn to your side to suggest this to Miss Sanguine, you can’t find her.

She has bounded off, like a hare who catches a whiff of carrot. She has struck up a conversation with the new girl on campus and is yapping away(sorry, this one’s personal) like best friends. You quietly find a table yourself and sit, all the time desperately trying to catch her eye but she’s not attuned. She continues people hopping and completely forgets she came with you until it’s time to go, that is if she had not already found a handsome beau who gave her a ride home.

Don’t blame her too much. A sanguine is recharged just by being around people. In fact, the more they are with people, the more satisfied and happier they become. For Miss Sanguine, it is always, the merrier, the better.

On the other hand, an introvert; a Miss Phlegmatic and a Miss Melancholy will feel like all her life force (did you think of master Yoda?) is slowly drained off by some invisible catheter, when she is around people for too long, especially extroverts. For an introvert girl, two is company and three is a crowd. So while an extrovert will come out of an interaction with others feeling like, wheew! What an awesome time! The introvert will be like, oh man, I feel like I have a headache coming. 

Did I mention; introverts are home-bodies? A home-body is a girl who doesn’t get a kick out of going out. She would rather stay indoors and nurse her cats than go out with you. Oh, of course, she won’t turn down your invitation, she would tell you Yes with glee and beam the sweetest smile at you. Wait until that date comes around and she will cancel. You know why? It’s not you really, it’s just that her bed and the current paperback she is reading, never looked more enticing.

Do you see the difference? You really should read, Tim LaHaye’s book, Why You Act the Way You Do.

Are you ready to take your personality test now? Let’s dive in then. This link right here will further explain the four different temperaments.

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