How to Land Your Dream Job in Easy Steps

How to Land Your Dream Job in Easy Steps

This post is for my ladies who want to change their career game in 2020. No matter if your “game” means working remote or a 9-5 – my babes who are stay-home-moms/wife, read my previous post on how to be a dope stay-home-momma. You want to land your dream job? We are going to show you how to be more intentional about your job search. Are you readyyyy? Yes. Yes. I know you are saying yes.

This article is inspired by an Insta post by @newemployees about how job seekers randomly send out resumes for job vacancies without taking the pains to check out vital information like what the company is about, what industry it belongs to, company culture and so on.

This post hit deep; I was all the way in my room muttering Preeach sis, Preaccch(because I am guilty). Find it below.

Couldn’t agree more with those words written there. A lot of us send out our C.V’s the same way we hand out church flyers on the streets – to anybody, without any need to establish that the individuals we have handed our flyer to are the people it was meant for. We approach our job search with the mind of, as-long-as-there-is-a-vacancy-my-cv-is-there-to-represent-me, “dear Lord, any job is fine(we will talk about this, soon).”

We don’t even bother to do a C.V review – edit and tailor our C.V’s to the job description and industry. Nah. We just apply to any vacancy that we feel we can be a fit, and cross our hearts and hope for the best. We pick up the resumes from our desktop folders, where it had been gathering dust and just send the thing out. Yep. “That C.V” you have not revisited since 2018 – you take it, and send to all the companies with vacancies, regardless of the positions and job description; one C.V for the position of a marketer, digital manager, accountant. Sister, what is the matter, kilode?

The results of this careless job search applications will be:

  1. You don’t hear back
  2. Will probably hate the job at the end of the day
  3. You get a job with a crappy work culture that doesn’t take it’s employees seriously

Is this what you want?

2020 is the year of intentional job search. No more “let me sha apply”.

According to a study by Gallop poll, 85% of people are working at jobs that they don’t enjoy. A job takes up up to 70% of our day. From the moment your legs hit the floor, and you go through the doors of your office building. Imagine spending all that time being unhappy and dissatisfied, and you have to do this every day, while you keep telling yourself, “if not for the money”. Sometimes the money is not even worth it.

There was a time in my life, that out of necessity(couldn’t help it), I had to frequent a particular bank once or twice every week.

There was this man at the counter; a Teller that always had an irritable, and frustrated energy about him. It was apparent, he did not want to attend to us, customers. Either that or he was not pleased with his work conditions. He made a show of it with an ill-natured countenance and an unfriendly attitude. Did not have to speak a word at all, for him to mess up my own energy. He was as transparent as a white cellophane bag.

Imagine waking up in the morning, vibrant and happy, ready to take on the day. You arrive at the bank to do some transactions, and there is a bank staff – or anybody at all, that is unhappy, and tries to make you miserable too by heavily projecting negative energy. They are unwilling, unsmiling, and sometimes outrightly rude to you.

I got to understand firsthand, how the energy of others can affect one – if you let it. And why it’s so important to protect oneself from bad vibes. After I left the bank, I was unusually jumpy for the rest of the day. My energy was messed up, and I knew why.

I told you this story so you can fully grasp the effect of doing something you hate, day in day out. How it can affect your personality and affect your relationship with others, including family, friends and co-workers.

You should, as a rule, continually present the best version of your self to others.

And you won’t be able to, if you are half-filled, drained, depressed and mentally exhausted. You can’t. You should be well taken care of first.

Do you remember when you were younger, and you would tell anyone within earshot, “someday, I am going to work at so-so-and-so, When I am grown, I am going to do, this, and Someday, I am going to take up this position?”

Don’t let that vision die.

I understand that when faced with the harsh realities of life, it looks like we have no options other than to pick up anything available to us – at least it’s something. The future you spoke of then, is here. Are you going to be intentional about what you want? Or you are going to mentally settle in fear, trapped in a rat race?

I am all for finding a way to be engaged while you actively work toward your dreams, but what I’m concerned about is you being comfortable in a position that ought to be for the meantime time and you let the real-deal slide. I am here to wake you up. Wake up! We are going to try, and try and try some more, for the life we want. Refuse to be discouraged.

Before you begin your next job search, I want you to pause. Write down the kind of job you are looking for. Put down the industries – and if you have specific companies in mind right them down – you want. Adjust your C.V, accordingly. Now begin your job search.

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