Douching – What Your Doctor Wants You To Know

Douching - What Your Doctor Wants You To Know

Such a fancy name, douching, and yet it comes with so many complications. Practiced by women in their teens, hence there’s a need to create the awareness that douching isn’t safe.

Take it from us; forget what you’ve heard, forget how sweet it is to roll the word in your tongue and tell your friends, ”Hey, I douched yesterday, or have you douched lately?”

Douching comes with enough side effects that it’s always best to save yourself the resultant stress of trying to get your vagina clean and just allow it to function the way it was designed without your help.

The conversations women have on douching are that it eliminates vaginal odor, washes away semen and flushes out the remnant of menstrual blood. In the latter, women have been made to believe that douching flushes menstrual residues out.

Let’s get down to it. What really is douching?

Vaginal douching is washing inside the vagina with liquid, which could be a mixture of soap, antiseptics, iodine, and fragrance. This mixture is inserted into the vagina through a nozzle and believed to get rid of the odor and keep the vagina clean.

Studies have proven that a woman’s vagina is self-cleaning. It is designed to wash and keep itself hygienic. The only action that needs to be taken is, ”just leave it alone”.

Bad odor, abnormal discharge, an unhealthy feel down south, is a sign of an infection and should be treated by a trip to the doctor.

Studies have proven that women who douche are more at risk of vaginal infections, reproductive organ damage, and have trouble with conception and delivery.

It’s okay to wash around your vagina; wash with water and mild soap, however, washing inside the vagina only tampers with the PH and this leads to the active growth of harmful bacteria, and yeasts; causing problems such as yeast infections and bacterial vaginitis. In cases where these infections already exist, douching will only aggravate its spread into the reproductive organs.

Contrary to what you think, douching does not do the following

  • Prevent unwanted pregnancy
  • Prevent STIs; actually, it increases the risk of Sexually Transmitted Infections.

Got any other questions? Leave them down below, and we will be sure to get back to you!

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