Elizabeth Noble and Jojo Moyes – A Companion For the Girl Who Grieves

Elizabeth Noble and Jojo Moyes

Are you grieving over the loss of a loved one? I have picked two books off my shelf that I know you will not only enjoy immensely but will also give you the companionship you need to go through your loss.

They are: Things I Want My Daughters To Know and Me Before You By Elizabeth Noble and Jojo Moyes, respectively.

Things I Want My Daughters To Know – Elizabeth Noble

Without glancing at the author’s name, I surmised it was a Francine Rivers book, just by the title alone but I wasn’t that far off the mark because though it isn’t authored by Francine Rivers, Elizabeth Noble fashions her prose in a similar way like Francine; largely didactic and a smooth run-along plot.

It is the story of a terminally ill mom, who knows she has little time left with her daughters and yet so much to tell them and a lot of which she feels she can’t say to her daughters face-face. So she takes to writing them letters filled with all the fortifications they need to live a whole life, and all the secrets she had buried in her bosom.

As her daughters one by one begin to discover who their mum truly was, they realize, albeit in shock, that their mother was anything but a superhero. She was human with her fair share of mistakes and baggage that have the power to shatter the lives of her blended family or be the superglue that tightens the bond that her four daughters share.

What would you do if you discovered that the one you lost had a whole side to them that you never got to see? The implications of such a discovery could be mindblowing for sure.

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

This is the first of Jojo Moyes I Have read ever, and to say that I am impressed is, to say the least. Jojo spun an emotionally riveting tale that has the power to melt every strong heart. Me Before You is woven around a 26 or 27-year-old misfit who at an age where most people have their life practically mapped out, can’t tell you where she sees herself in the next few days. Our Heroine, Louisa has zero ambition, save for getting married to the athletic obsessed beau she is currently involved with and turning up each day at the coffee shop which she claims to enjoy.

In a sudden twist of fate, the Coffee shop closes down and moves, and Louisa has to ruffle her daily routine and go in search of a job. After several tries, she lands herself the job of a caregiver to a quadriplegic.

A quadriplegic who has no will to live and as she begins to nurse him, Louisa realizes she has begun to fall in love with him, and so she has one mission only, and that is; to stop him from killing himself. Will she be able to pull off this Herculean feat or will it prove too much for the girl with no ambition?

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