This Valentine Promises To Be Special If Only You Would Spend The Day With Eloise Bridgerton

This Valentine Promises To Be Special If Only You Would Spend The Day With Eloise Bridgerton

I didn’t start watching the Bridgertons until it was everywhere on my news feed, screaming for my attention whenever I tapped on my data. So one random day I decided it won’t hurt to find out what the rave is all about.
And thus began my foray into the adventures of Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton. I lie you not, this family drama did not disappoint.

Guess my surprise when I discovered I had one of the series, laying there gathering dust among my books. And it was the volume that mattered the most(To Sir Phillip with Love), the series about Eloise Bridgerton, which to me is the only volume that matters.

Before you get too lost, especially if you have not watched season one at all – which is by all excuses unexcusable. I will, for your sake, rewind to the very beginning.

Let’s Go!


The Netflix original is an adaptation from a series of books by Julia Quinn. Apparently, there are 8 volumes: The Duke and I, The Viscount Who Loved Me, An Offer From A Gentleman, Romancing Mister Bridgerton, To Sir Phillip With Love(which this very article is about), When He Was Wicked, It’s In His Kiss, and On The Way To The Wedding.

Let me be your storyteller today.

Bridgerton is a historical classic set in London. Of royals and titles, honour and family, young women coming of age ready for initiation into society and every young man’s chance to find himself a pleasing wife.

The Bridgertons are a powerful family with the title of Viscount. A family of ten, eight kids: Anthony, Benedict, Collin, Gregory, Daphne, Eloise, Francesca, Hyacinth and mother and father. When the lord of the house dies suddenly from a bee sting, Anthony has to assume the role of father and Viscount.

Book 1, The Duke and I, begins as a fresh debutante season and the first Bridgerton girl, Daphne will be making her first initiation into London’s society. It’s exciting and also a very scary time for the girls to get picked in time by an honourable gentleman or be doomed to the fate of a single maid.

Daphne steals the opening show and even steals for herself the attention of Queen Charlotte – however fleeting. With this, she had the eyes of every eligible bachelor in the room pinned on her. Things were supposed to move smoothly henceforth, or so everyone believed, and Daphne would be engaged in no time.

There’s a problem.

Anthony does not like any of her suitors. And he will do everything within his power to flisk them off.

At the risk of spending the rest of her life as an old maid, Daphne strikes a mutually beneficial deal with the Duke of Hastings, Simon Basset.

But you see, the minute trouble hits the fan, Daphne Bridgerton is forced to choose between never having kids with the man she loves, or settling for second best – a visiting prince.
Which in reality, for many of us, it’s not really a bad position.

So while this is happening, where is Eloise in all of it?

Running. Running from her own debutante season. Wishing her sister Daphne has a long time settling down just so their mother doesn’t focus on her.

Contrary to opinions I have read, Eloise does not detest marriage. She is just a young girl terrified by the pressure of society to settle down. She looks at all that, and the responsibilities that come with marriage and she panics, ‘no no no this is not for me. I can’t do this, I can’t meet up, I’m not like my sister Eloise, and I do not even want to try’.
So she hides using books and her friendship with Penelope as cover.
Still, there’s no escaping it Eloise has to face her future.

I never dreamed that a season could be so exciting! The men are so handsome and charming. I know I shall fall in love straightaway. How could I not?

– from Eloise Bridgerton to her brother Colin, upon the occasion of her London debut

To Sir Phillip With Love

Eleven seasons, six rejected proposals, Eloise’s best friend Penelope Featherington is MARRIED – Nope, no spoilers. You will have to read or watch season two to find out who she tied the knot with.

Eloise at 28, is now beginning to feel early symptoms of loneliness she has to settle down but if not with men of the ton, then with whom?

…I am quite certain I shall never marry. If there was someone out there for me, don’t you think I should have found him by now?

– from Eloise Bridgerton to her dear friend Penelope Featherington, during her sixth season as a debutante

A flurry of events happens all at once. Call it timing, call it faith, but when a distant relative dies, Eloise takes it upon herself to send the widower, a Sir Phillip Crane letters of condolence. From penmanship, a friendship blossoms, and after a year of back and forth correspondences it’s about time to take the next step – meet physically for the first time.
Eloise second daughter of the Bridgertons in romantic relations with a widower must not be heard of. What will mama say? And her brothers, especially Anthony. It was the case of choose between the devil and the deep blue sea. And Eloise Bridgerton knew the choice she had to make – runaway.
Besides how can a girl ever get married with those lot(however loving their intentions are) breathing down her neck.

. . .this is my last chance. I am grabbing destiny with both my hands and throwing caution to the wind. Sir Phillip, please, please, be all that I have imagined you to be. Because if you are the man your letters portray you to be, I think I could love you. And if you felt the same …

— – from Eloise Bridgerton, jotted on a scrap of paper, on her way to meet Sir Phillip Crane for the very first time

I think a bit of Eloise is in all of us women; overwhelmed, and terrified some days, but still, we want the best of all that life has to offer including love and family.



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