6 WCW Inspired Fashion Ideas For Curvy Black Girls

6 WCW Inspired Fashion Ideas For Curvy Black Girls

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Fashion ideas for curvy girls. Don’t hate, emulate because curvy is the new black!

Let’s face it, gone are the days when every girl wanted to be tall, slim with a thin waistline, now all we do is bask and show off our curvy brown skin.

Let me ask you. If you are an African girl and you don’t flaunt what your mama gave you, are you truly sure you are a daughter of this loam rich earth? Are you sure?

African daughters are curvy and proud, and these ladies in all their curvy glory will prove this to you.

If you have been looking for fashion ideas for curvy girls, you just landed in the right place. Safiya, Chante Burkett, Mia, Yasmine, Kellie, Essie Golden, and other black curvy women will show you the true meaning of flaunting what your mama gave yá.

Our WCWs have all the fashion ideas for curvy girls.

Nothing screams “comfy and casual!” better than a hoodie dress paired with sneakers.

If you want, you can choose to rock your black hoodie with statement colours such as Lemon green, Fuschia pink, Indigo blue and Burnt purple.

A curvy girl in an LBD is legit one of the best things you get to see any day. You can style this as a cold shoulder midi-length dress, full flowing A-length, as a ball gown – in-fact, anything that sits well on you. Pair this with a purse, and a pair of heels and this confident girl would be ready to roll!

Frills skirt can make any girl, including a curvy girl, look like Cinderella. What are you pairing with your frills? A denim jacket, leather jacket or just ditch the jacket – a top is okay, and you will be good to go.

Sometimes what a girl really needs is a thin strappy satin dress. See how Mia paired this with white sneakers and a small purse with a denim jacket thrown into the mix.

Leopard prints in forest green background, paired with a white polka dot long sleeve. Who knew you could get away with this combo looking like candy? Well, you saw it here first.

Who says you can’t look fashionable during and after a workout session? See how @d0ntress paired hers with carton coloured overalls.

If you like what you see, don’t hate. Emulate. Step into work looking like a whole snack because you are.

Can you ever go wrong with denim? I thought not. Kellie Brown is dishing some serious inspirations with this head to toe denim lewk. We love it!

Bootcut trousers, ultimately are the real deal. They can never grow out of fashion, and they are just as perfect on a curvy girl. Essie Golden pairs this with a statement Tee, red purse and shoes.

If we had to choose a favourite lewk, it has to be this one; Midi A-length striped dress paired with a black Fedora hat.

For the curvy girl who likes a bold statement look. This full-length purple gown should inspire you.

The first thought that came to mind, after seeing this Elsie’s look, was REBEL. Who pairs brown, black and red, and gets away with it? It’s bold, and it’s beautiful.

Simple, sunny and bright is Safiya’s ideal look for a casual outing. Find and follow her on IG @iamsafiee

It’s a wrap. Our handpicked fashion ideas for curvy girls. Which of these looks is hands-down your favourite? Sound off in the comment section below.

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