Finance & Lifestyle Websites/Podcasts Perfect for Young Women

Finance & Lifestyle Websites/Podcasts Perfect for Young Women

You know what they never teach you in schools? Adulting. College only prepares you mentally and psychologically to get a job, advance in your career and earn a regular paycheck.

But the major lessons you really need, like how to have the best relationships, how to overcome a setback. How to ask for a raise. How to overcome gender inequality in the workplace, how to resign your 9-5 and start your own thing. How to navigate parenting and how to go through the loss of a loved one. The school doesn’t teach you.

This is why it is extremely important to have a strong support system. This includes family, mentors, friends, and online communities for women who have gone ahead of you. Are going through the same process you are in. And also, who are coming up behind you. So you can share, learn, and grow.

This is what Alexilore is for; a safe space for young women to learn, grow and develop; health-wise, business-wise, spiritually and emotionally. But one space is never enough for all the nourishment your soul needs. You need a diverse wealth of experience from women with differing backgrounds and P.O.Vs.

Keep reading, for our list of finance and lifestyle websites that we have curated for young women.

If you have half a mind to have diverse streams of income and you are at a loss as to where to begin, our list of finance websites and podcast would be a good start.

And if you have a widely curious mind. And are eager to have answers to life questions from other women just like you, then our lifestyle websites/podcasts for young women is perfect.

Scroll below for our delightful lists of finance and lifestyle websites for women:

H.E.R Space Podcast

Uplifting conversations -everything from fibroids to fake friends– for the black woman.

Hosted by Dr Dominique Broussard and Terri Lomax. These women bring healing, empowerment, resilience and an extra spicy dose of inspiration every Friday. There is no better way to start your weekend groove than to chill with H.E.R Podcast.

Here’s a tip of what their conversations look like:

Introverted Black Girl podcast

Who runs the world? Girls. Who run the girls- extroverts?

If you are an introvert, it is almost normal to think extroverts run the world, but this is not true. Introverts occupy a lot of prominent and influential positions today – for real. You just may not know it because they may seem as bubbly and “up-and-down-the-place” like a typical extrovert. The reasons why you don’t notice is that they have evolved by learning how to manage their true nature and grow into the fullest and truest expression of themselves.

So if you are an intro and really curious about how other introverts think, talk, and navigate through a life that is filled with so much noise and character. There is no other podcast I would rather recommend other than this one.

Follow the journey of the introverted black girl as she unleashes the stories of her day to day experiences.

Getting Grown

We, black women, are all outchea trying to figure out adulting and girrrl, don’t you sometimes wish there was a manual or a book specifically tailored to your life – I do! From figuring out the best choices, how to balance friendships, how to navigate through a career move, how to travel, be a boss babe. And still have time for loved ones, not to talk of how to respond to testy situations. These are conversations that we should be having. And finding a space that does just this is oh so refreshing.

Getting Grown is a podcast that is hosted by Jade and Keia, two black women and they are all about everything adulting: Kitchen TableTalk, Pet Peeves and Lessons in Black Women Self-Care.


Myfabfinance is one of our recommended finance and lifestyle websites for women. Run by nationally recognized millennial money expert Tonya Rapley. It is one of the leading finance and lifestyle websites for women who aim for financial freedom and living life on their own terms – for women who want to be grown and flown.

You will find that her conversations span investment decisions, spending on a budget, side hustles for stay-home-moms, mental health resources and money lessons. This year is your year of financial freedom, and there’s no stopping you.

Brown Ambition Podcast

Another finance podcast for the money-minded woman is the Brown Ambition Podcast. Hosted by Mandi Woodruff and Tiffany Aliche. They have both been featured by MSNBC, Fast Company and Inc. as one of the best business podcast to follow.


This black mom is on a mission to help women trade their 9-5 and attain financial freedom through stocks.
Trading stocks does not have to be so hard, not with Telaholcomb who breaks down bogus trading terms into simple English. She has been featured in Girlboss, Glamour, Black Enterprise, Bauce and a host of other authority sites.

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