A Girl's Bestfriend; 2 Podcasts You Need on Your Playlist

A Girl’s Bestfriend; 2 Podcasts You Need on Your Playlist

Dear Alexiloreans, if you have not listened to or been listening to Black Girl in Om or Lori Harder’s podcast, then you are missing a vital instrument to your growth and well being.

One amazing benefit of electronic media for us women is that it connects us to amazing women all over the world and creates a platform to share and learn from a treasure chest of valuable experiences.

It is not unusual to get lost in the ‘motions’ of your life and believe: that no one else but you have gone through, goes through your situation, has it bad the way you do, can understand your journey or share in your joys and in your ebb as well.

Happy to break it to you that we understand, we go through, have gone through similar rough waters, calm seas and been back again. And we get to share this with you through podcasts(Ecclesiastes 1:9).

Not only that, podcasts are a girl’s best friend; Listening to other women share their tips, spill the tea, give you the trick of the trade on all subjects is definitely uplifting and empowering.

So we have one question for you; what are you doing now? Because its podcast time and you should listen to

A Letter to Our Teenage Selves by Black Girl in OM


This is highly recommended for the woman seeking self-confidence, healing and attunement. Black Girl in Om Founder Lauren Ash and Art Director Deun Ivory will share with you their journey to embracing their individuality and owning it, not seeking affirmation in others, embracing the word No, steps to achieving clarity of purpose and so much more.

This podcast is rich girl, a dish well-prepared!


Don’t Feed Your Fraud by Lori Harder

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I see you… you’re working on yourself, your mindset, your goals. . Some days are 💯and other days you question you choices, your abilities and your faith. . You’ve had people question your “integrity,” you’ve had family poke fun at you, you’ve had hurtful messages on social media and even some epic failures. . You’ve lost money, you’ve lost relationships, people have told you’ve changed and you used to be more fun. . You’re standing on the middle of the bridge looking back at “what was” and looking forward at your life’s purpose. . Here’s what I wish I could go back and tell myself sooner on this journey of following my dreams… . The pot you were planted in served you well, but it was too small for the giant Redwood that you are. It’s time to seek a new supportive environment so you can thrive. BUT, the transplant period is going to throw you into SHOCK and there will be times you feel that you won’t survive… this is when it’s vital to support yourself, support your weaknesses, be so self aware that you create safety nets so you don’t go back to the comfort of that old small pot. . Listen to podcasts – shameless plug (earnyourhappy.com) read books, join Masterminds, coaching, do anything to remember who you are and where you’re going even though your environment doesn’t yet support the new you!!! Remember that the pain and pressure is the stuff that transforms you, it’s the lessons you need to let go, lean into faith and stop caring about small minds and only focus on the mission at hand. I would tell myself “YOU already know who you really are and if you don’t pursue this vision, you will continue to sabotage and numb yourself.” . Keep going friend… it’s why you’re here and you have the ability to break the patterns of your life, your family + your circle. You will become what is possible for some of them. You will become the North Star. You will become the person you were sent to be and you will be FREE. . I started my Earn Your Happy podcast to have some real talk about what the journey really feels like. I’m so grateful I kept going even when I didn’t feel like anyone was listening. I’m so grateful to all of you tuning in each week. @violetartistry

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One thing about Lori’s podcasts is her ability to project her personality (energy) into her podcasts which I find delightful. She would trick you into believing you guys are fast friends. She is lovely to listen to, very engaging and most of all welcoming.

In this episode Lori touches on feeding your higher visions and not the negatives in your life. How important it is to acknowledge your humanity, and still work at improving your life.

You should really find somewhere quiet, put on your headset, get comfortable, click on the link and just enjoy.


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