Friends: Reason, Season, and a Lifetime

God is interested in every detail of our lives even the minute things we take for granted and yes, even to our friendships.

As a Christian young lady, best believe that your steps are ordered by God and throughout your journey in life, God will direct people to you, for you to be a blessing in their lives and vice versa. It works both ways.

Relationships are vital to fulfilling purpose. If there is a need in your life that needs to be filled or a lesson you need to learn while living out your purpose, God brings that blessing, or that lesson in form of relationships; To guide, counsel, comfort, correct, teach, reprove, to test you and to help you(destiny helpers).

While Some relationships(not all) go on and blossom into beautiful, whole and fulfilling friendships, you should know friends are for a reason, a season, and a time. You must be willing to accept that not all friendships last forever. You should come to terms and be at peace when a relationship ends, knowing that you have both served your purpose in each others lives. Be grateful for that, and move on. Don’t try to string on to it.

Then there are friendships that last a lifetime. These people are a constant in your lives. Been there through all the seasons. Your ups and downs, through every stage, they have been, and will be there. These are lifelong friends. God put them there to walk with you and be there for you.

So the question; How do you discern which friends are long term and which ones are there for just a season? How do you know if you are to hold on to a friendship and work it out or when to let go, realizing that you are entering another phase of your life, and God is saying, “baby girl it’s time for the next challenge and it’s time for a new chapter?”

Holding tight to a relationship that God is saying “no” to, is gonna bring a lot of drama. If God has to force you out, he will and it will be messy. You don’t want to go down that road.

Other times the drift in friendship doesn’t always mean it’s time to move on. Friendships have to be maintained too. Your friend could be going through some challenges you may not know about, and she may just need space for the moment. Instead of throwing in the towel and going all, “I am done with that, onto the next”, It’s best you pray for them and ask God’s leading. No friendship is all rosy and sweet. Even lifelong friendships go through tough times.

So how can you discern?

This is where your walk with God comes to play. Heather Lindsey explains this in her talk show, What it Means to be a Godly Friend, below.

There are different categories of friends and knowing which category your friends fall in, will save you the trauma. Heather Lindsey places her friends into three categories. Her “Holies of holy friends(these are your confidants), her inner circle(the ones you hangout with on a regular, go have a burger with, watch a movie, laugh together, cry together, share things), and then the Hello-Hi friends(We know each other, we are cool, we talk some).”
You can’t go sharing your heart with Hello- Hi kinda friend. Baby girl, that is risky!

Heather also speaks on opening your heart to friendships when you have been hurt countless times. She says God has not given you the spirit of fear, hence don’t shy away from friendships. Be willing to share yourself with others and believe God to bring people your way, who are meant to be there.

Watch the full clip below. You really do not want to miss out on this one! 

The Heather Lindsey Show: What is a Godly Friendship?

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