Girlfriends, Tell Us If You Can Share Your Proposal Ideas with Boo?

Girlfriends, Tell Us If You Can Share Your Proposal Ideas with Boo?

Cuffing season lovers! Who is obsessively expecting an engagement ring, especially from a clueless boyfriend? Valentine passed by, and your SO did not catch the signals you were sending – all those Hallmark romantic movies you made him sit through, the Asoebi’s you kept telling him you were saving money for, for a friend’s fictional wedding.

You took his name to your Pastor, and Pastor Sir said, ‘I see two destinies entwined, one cannot do without the other’, and you smiled benignly. Even mama likes this man, considering the number of guys she has ticked off her ”son-in-law’s list”. So, why is the ring still in transit? Don’t worry sister, 2019 is still your year, the year that your 2 becomes 1. Forgive him, he has been blind, deaf and dumb, but this season, this is engagement season, he can’t miss it. All signs lead to the jewellers.

I know you are itching to tell your friends(because Nothing’s as deliciously catty as calling your single pringle girlfriends at 12 am boxing day just so you get to be the first gift they unbox), ‘you won’t believe it, he proposed to me, Isaac proposed!’ and their, ‘really? Oh, that’s amazing, honey’, that is if they are truly happy for you.

I am sorry ladies, as much as I spread the doctrine of, Women Supporting Women, it is pragmatic to admit that a lot of that stuff ends on the Gram. In real life, Women Supporting Women still has a long way to go. The truth is, if your girlfriends are not secretly starving the lions that almost ate up Daniel(remember your Bible), so they can be voracious when they throw you in, then it could be that you are the one who is fiercely nurturing the flames that swallowed the three Jewish lads, hoping this time a mystery man won’t be present to save your friends.

This is not the gospel for all friendships though, some of us have healthy female associations but check it, are your girlfriends your friends?

I have deviated. Let’s go back to where we are coming from; proposals. I must say, beautiful proposals with a matching romantic story, gets me on an emotional topsy-turvy. I mean, just look what Cassie’s proposal did to cybers space; it shook us lovers to our bone marrow. You all know the story. Cassie is dating this popular guy for a long time, and suddenly there are speculations that she is out, and from out the blue comes Alex Fine who by the way, materialises his last name to the latter, and in no time literally, he is on his knees, worshipping this woman(girl did you read the engagement vow? See it here).

I sat up from where I was(halfway across the world), with my emotional aerials fine-tuned. It’s so beautiful; the union of two. Cassie’s proposal was a family affair, and I have been thinking, which would you rather have; a private with just you and bae, no spectators or public engagement; at the beach, at the hotel, at the mall, around just a few friends and largely in view of strangers? I have heard some women violently oppose a public proposal, and others are of the opinion, ‘the world has to witness this’. Which would you rather have?

And can you discuss your proposal ideas with boo, ‘bae if you’re going to propose to me, you better do it…’, fill in the rest or would you rather leave the choice to your partner?

Tell us if you can share your proposal ideas with boo?

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