Girls Who Code – Twitch makes it happen and in real-time

Girls who code -Twitch

Girls, what can you do on Twitch other than videogames? Code! Yes, unbelievable but true. You see, programmers have taken to Twitch to write code in real-time if you can live stream video games, then why not code?

Programmer Suz Hinton is n part of this new trend with Twitch. She sits at her computer typing lines of code which she makes accessible to other programmers or anyone interested, by sharing her screen, allowing her viewers to comment(thanks to the chat feature), ask questions and make suggestions and yes see her face as she dives into the details of her work.

The interesting thing about this is that you get to share a personal experience with over a million viewers and not just that, she gets to share her mistakes in real-time as well. She makes errors, you see it, you share your suggestions, she applies them and voila! All parties have learnt something.

“Honestly, it’s made me a better programmer,” Hinton says “When you have to explain every choice you’re making as you’re typing the code, you become more insightful, and you have people giving feedback in real-time.”

On why she started, she says. “I’m really someone who likes to be a fly on the wall,” she says. “You know how people give really vague answers to the question ‘What do you do all day?’ You get to see exactly what they do.”

There are a lot of programming resources on the web, which always proves to be handy but nothing beats learning in real-time.

So what would you rather be doing on a Sunday evening? Videogames or be one of many girls who code on Twitch?

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