Growing Your Finance in A Digital Age

Growing Your Finance in A Digital Age

My ladies! If like me you want to grow your finance and you have absolutely no idea how or where to start from, allow me help.

I have always wanted more than one income stream and I refuse to live off my 9-5, never. What happens if there is a downsizing tomorrow, and I am regrettably let go? I don’t wish to be stranded financially. If money is not coming from source A, no qualms. Source B and source C should take care of me just fine.  Our economy is not stable, Nigerian ladies you know what’s up. I am talking downsizing, mergers, fluctuating exchange rate. The agitation to have side hustles is no joke and you should take it seriously. It’s risky to put all your hopes on one job. I totally understand that entrepreneurship is not for everyone. Many are called, few are chosen. In entrepreneurship, many want to go into it. Just introducing yourself as an entrepreneur is kind of an ego booster. “Oh hi, I am an entrepreneur’’, is sweet to say, but not many have the capacity, or the passion to see it through!


Very briefly, I will give you two ideas that work well for me-: Investments and Remote jobs.

Investments: As a newbie, I advise you tread lightly. It’s best you have a good knowledge of the stock market; its terms, viable stocks, what works and what doesn’t, before you go putting money in. Nothing like having a financial advisor but if you don’t, it’s best you invest in low risk assets like treasury bills and mutual funds. These don’t yield as much as high risk investment does. However, when you invest your money for several years, in the low risk investments, it would be worth it. For Mutual Funds you can visit any of Stanbic IBTC branches to get started and for Treasury Bills, Access Bank Nigeria. These are my personal recommendations, and it is not a sponsored post.

A young woman going through a Financial Magazine.


Remote Jobs: Remote jobs are such a big deal overseas but here in Nigeria, they are largely overlooked. To be frank a lot of people turn their nose up at online jobs and as it turns out, that’s where the money is! Yep. I said it. If you are always online 24/7 and you complain of no money or no job, yet you are always posting pictures and imitating trends. Babe you need to reorder your priorities.  Yep. I said it. With remote jobs you have the comfort of working at leisure. For some, the hours are flexible. So, you can go for your 9-5, rest a bit, and resume at this other one. Thanks to technology, opportunities abound everywhere.  The world truly is a “global village”. No greater truism right now.


You know I said entrepreneurship is not for everyone, I still maintain my stand on that. Just because your girlfriend is selling this or that or starting that business and you are feeling left out, don’t be, kindly stick to your 9-5. The plot twist however is that a 9-5 is still not for everyone. Shocker. Sorry to burst your bubble. In most societies especially Nigeria, we have been conditioned to finish school and aspire to work for blue chip companies. Have you ever sat down to think about the kind of work life you want? And I don’t mean what society has conditioned you to aspire for. Listed below are a few ways to know you are not cut out for a 9-5.

The Time of Day; You are not a morning person and you know it. Getting up five, six, seven A. M is a chore. You would rather stay in bed much longer, than jump out at first light. This probably sounds ridiculous. There are persons who come alive early in the day. So much energy. They just get up and go. But you, you come around more slowly. You function at your best midday or evenings.

Dressing; left to you, you would rather ditch the stiff formal wear for PJ’s or T-shirt and Jean. Really, Suits in the office is overrated.

When going for meetings becomes a boring chore. All that commute when there are several messaging platforms, and face timing available over a data connection.

If you have ever felt this way, then my dear, you really need to go for remote jobs.

Below I listed a few companies that offer remote opportunities. Ready to take the leap?





Allegis transcription






This is just a few of them. Now it’s up to you to go explore!

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