This Is How To Practice Self-Care While Self-Isolating
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These Women Say These Self-Care Routines Keeps Them Sane While Self-isolating

Because times like this is more reason to take care of yourself. Here’s how women like you practice self-care while self-isolating.

In one of our posts on Alexilore, we shared what you can do asides panic, in the light of this global pandemic. You will find it here. In another article, we shared the Rona, inspired viral twitter moment that absolutely warmed our hearts(women playing matchy matchy with their favourite paperbacks. If you’ve not joined the challenge, you are missing out big time).

Yes. Yes. Rona came unannounced and caught all of us unprepared, and with the lockdown in place, with no end in sight, some of us are already going ‘cray cray’.

Who knew the simple pleasures like ‘STROLLING’, Church services, hangouts that we took for granted would ever be in short supply?

Funny, how life throws unexpected curve balls – extroverts how you guys coping? Introverts – you will survive.

Alexilore reached out to 3 women in our alexilorean community(you can join us here), and they shared with us how the pandemic has affected them as individuals, and how they practice self-care at home.

Irene 25, CRP, Energy Company:

When we received the news of the Pandemic, I was so scared-panicking actually. I wouldn’t get my eyes off CNN and COVID-19 was all CNN talked about all day“.

For me, work has been the same. The only difference now is that my department is like at the frontline of everything; we are practically risking our lives to do this job, and we no longer work night shifts just the regular 9-5.

I have benefited from this COVID-19 scare; I used to commute from home every day, but since the lockdown announcement, my company called us together and asked us to choose between lodging in a hotel or home -yeah, we still go to work- and I chose, hotel.

Right now, I’m enjoying the bliss of living alone. At first my family…they were so worried; calling every now and then, but now they are finally getting used to the fact that I am a big girl, and I can take care of myself. I have my personal space, and I am loving it. The only issue I have is that most times I am exhausted, and I am not able to do much afterwards but I feel like I will deal with that soon enough.

The pandemic has made me more aware of spending as much time as I can with loved ones. Other than that, I am a live-life-a-day-at-a-time kind of person. So nah, I have not felt the need to evaluate my priorities or life choices.

If I could change anything, like go back to before the pandemic, it will be my spending habits. Psst: spoiler alert! This girl has a chocolate addiction The most important thing to me right now amidst the pandemic is God-my relationship with God.

When we received the news of the pandemic, I was so scared-panicking actually. I wouldn’t get my eyes off CNN and COVID-19 was all CNN talked about, all day. When I wake up, it’s Corona Virus I’m seeing. When I sleep(I leave my T.V on) and I wake up in the middle of the night, it’s Corona Virus I’m seeing. So that heightened my fears. I had to make the decision to protect my mental health and just stop watching CNN. Even the NCDC updates; before I used to get to the website, refresh, you know…but now I don’t do that anymore.

The virus has come, it has come. It is spreading, fine. We know the things we need to protect ourselves, so what’s the point of following updates and giving yourself anxiety?

Food??? laughs No.No.No. Food is not my self-care routine. Uhm, I just post the food because…well, it has never happened in my life that I actually get to just lie down and be served. I’ve been feeling like ‘Wow, life is good’. So I could just lie down and get served? I don’t have to run any errands, I’m just on my own and some days, like this Wednesday I was off; didn’t have to go to the office at all. I spent the whole day in my room; Wi-Fi, Netflix…I made my colleague’s hair too, so that’s how I spent the day.

Chika 23, CRO, Bank:

Before this virus, I was the…*giggles* I have always been a loner. I hardly go out. To go out was always the problem. My weekends, I have it but when I think of dressing up, going out, and then coming back to do my laundry, sleep, go to church, the weekend rolls by and I don't leave my house“.

Work hasn’t been easy; I am a banker and ever since the lockdown I have had to work from home. My job involves scouting and bringing in new customers. So on a normal day, I am always out and about; under the sun, in the market, in shops asking people to open an account. Now that I work from my home, my data has to be on all the time. I have to be online to receive instructions, send reports, maintain relationships with my clients.

It’s funny, sometimes my clients call me at 6am! And I have to pick their calls. Sometimes It’s a video call at any time of day. It’s been hectic, and it’s been fun, and I am loving the concept of working from the comfort of my bed or parlour.

The pandemic has made me want to spend more quality time with my loved ones. I miss my mum. If she was around now, it would have been ‘so MAAAD’. She would have been disturbing somebody like, ‘ Clean this, clean that’. I miss her. I miss my family; my nephews and everybody. At this point, I just want to be with people I love.

People that know me and I know them, and I enjoy spending time with them. There was a time I was talking to my friend, and I asked her, ‘What if they just extend this whole thing? That means I am not going to see my mum. I would not see my sister.’ She turns to her friend who happened to be around at the time of our conversation, ‘Matilda you won’t see your brother. laughs You will be stuck here’.

It’s not funny. Imagine, It’s beginning to look like the movies we watch. Before you know it, weeks would turn into months, and before we get to see our loved ones again, my brother Solomon would have grown beards, my mum would have grey hair, and everybody would be more mature. Laughs.
Family makes you go through this whole thing better. What’s the essence of having everything when your family is not with you?

Before this virus, I was… snickers, I have always been a loner. I hardly go out. To go out was always the problem. My weekends I have it, but when I think of dressing up, going out, and then coming back to do my laundries, sleep, go to church, my weekend rolls by and I don’t go out.

What I would change now is that…the weird thing is those who were social butterflies before the pandemic is struggling to stay indoors. Whereas me a homebody, right now I can’t wait to fly out of the house. When this whole thing is over I am going to change that part of me; become outgoing, go to nice places, have fun. I pray and hope that I will go out.

‘Matilda! We are going to be going out’.

‘We hope so’, her friend dryly replies.

Lol. No, no. I just have to change that.

Self-care. How I practice self-care is by reading books, but have I read any books recently? No. What I do mostly is wake up, gist with my friends, watch movies, sometimes video call. What I just do every day basically is talk to people that will make me happy.

That’s what has been keeping me sane. One thing I am glad is having to be close to my friend here, and she is all day goodness. We talk about everything from life choices to how to become a better person after this lockdown. Talking to my loved ones has made me sane and I am still sane laughs. Hopefully, I get to pick at least one book and read each day.

I have realized…I have been awakened to the reality that life is short. So those things I have always wanted to do but kept postponing, now is the time to do them- as soon as possible. Take that course, save money for travel, the time is now. Whatever we need to do, we have to do it now!

Anni 24, CEO Morning Motivation:

The pandemic has had both positive and negative impact on my relationships- positive in the sense that I get to spend more time with my family, and negative because it has taken me farther away from my friendships.

Yes, I chat with my friends more, but nothing beats hanging out.
My plans have been affected seriously, and I have had to think of ways to make the best out of the situation. Right now, I keep myself busy by learning new skills online.

Tell us in the comment section, how do you practice self-care in such a time as this?

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