Ibukun Awosika Just Launched A YouTube Channel!

Ibukun Awosika's YouTube Channel is all shades of exciting on YouTube

Ibukun Awosika’s YouTube Channel is all the shades of exciting that’s happening on Nigerian Youtube, and we are so here for it!

Guess what girls?! Ibukun Awosika has finally (God bless whoever succeeded in talking her into this) taken up residency on YouTube, and we are excited *jiggy jiggy excited*.

It was some time, not too long ago I was watching her pep talk to graduating students of Covenant University (it was explosive) and wishing I had like a library or a place where I could just go to tap from this woman’s…what am I saying! You know how the people gathered at Jesus’ feet to listen to him? Yeah, that’s it; how I have imagined it would be like attending any of her speaking engagements.

I am not a Famzer but this woman…for this woman, I don’t mind if I come off as thirsty. If you have listened to her, you’d understand and if you’ve not, consider her the answer to the prayers you didn’t know you needed.

She has never officially been on YouTube, so whatever videos of her I have watched, I stumbled across them on IG and a few dispersed videos shared by others on YouTube.

Here’s why you should add Ibukun Awosika’s YouTube Channel to your favourite channels ASAP

1. She is a phenomenal woman

I was going through her bio just the other day here, and to say it’s not intimidating would be an understatement. I have always been aware that she has a long line of weighty awards to her belt, but it’s one thing to know, and another to actually see ’em.

2. Ibukun Awosika is the representation of every women empowerment hashtag you pledge loyalty to.

This woman is the very embodiment of #blackgirlskillingit #blackgirlmagic #bossbabes #bosswomen. Whatever You Go Girl! hashtag you live by, this woman is ‘IT’.

Never not working – never not actively engaged, she has served as a Member of the Advisory Board for a diverse number of organizations. Including Nigerian Economic Summit Group, National Job Creation Committee, International Advisory Board of IESE Business School Barcelona-Spain, Firstbank, Cadbury PLC.

3. She is the game-changer for women in entrepreneurship

Now you don’t need to go far in search of a mentor in entrepreneurship. Ibukun Awosika has committed herself to inspire young women to think creatively, establish a business idea and create job opportunities, through her work as Co-Founder of Women in Business Management and Public Service(WIMBIZ).

Her YouTube channel gives you access to her wealth of knowledge without needing to meet her in person.

4. Because she is a Nigerian

Who decided to forge her own path when she was right about your age, and she succeeded. We need to celebrate our entrepreneurs more, running a business in Nigeria is…*complete it*.

5. Spiritual nourishment

Pastor *yup ordained Pastor* Ibukun Awosika is not only going to change your life. Rest assured, she will be doing it backed up with Bible-based principles.

So when next you hop on the Tube, be sure to check her out here.

Covenant University 2018 Convocation Speech

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