Makeup Artist – The 5 Do’s to Launch From Passion to Career

Makeup Artist - The 5 Do's to Launch From Passion to Career

Makeup artistry is some serious business, especially if what you are trying to do is create a thriving profession from passion. Don’t let anyone talk you into believing that there are so many makeup artists in the world, so what impact are you possibly going to make? My answer to this is there is more than enough room for everyone in the sky, and whatever impact you will make is going to be entirely up to you. All you have to do is stay true to your ‘why’ and the brand identity you are promoting.

Getting your hustle(we say it as it is) to lift off the ground is never easy. It takes Patience – plenty of it, Faith – The CEO of IT cosmetics puts it this way, “having faith that’s bigger than your fear”, and Persistence.

The Foolproof rulebook of A Makeup Artist

  1. Build a network of other make-up artists

You are going to be hearing this a lot, and you have to take this advice seriously. Connection to a circle of makeup artists is one foundation you need. Don’t panic, building connections takes time, and you will find your tribe when you regularly attend industry events where you can meet others in your line of business, exchange contacts and keep in touch. The contacts you make will introduce you to more gigs and opportunities.

2. Get certified

A certificate shows that you are a qualified makeup artist and will provide you with the street cred you need. Industry experts who seek to hire an artist will, through your qualifications be assured that you know your craft.

3. Create an active social profile 

Your clientele is based online, so take your business to them. Post, engage, connect with your audience and gain clients through social media. Check out 6 Ways to Build Your Reputation as A Makeup Artist on Instagram.

4. Create a portfolio 

Publish samples of your work all the time. Your portfolio could be made up of free face beats done for family and friends.

5. Be your first mannequin 

What do people see when they look at you, just a girl or a makeup artist? You are your brand. Your appearance should speak what you do. Self-branding is a cheap and highly effective way to promote yourself. People should look at you and ask, where did you get your face beat done?

Master these fives, and you will see that very soon you will be coming up with more ingenious ideas to take your brand to the next level.

Already a Pro? What ideas do you have for your fellow girl?

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