Mentors: Top Influencers for Young Women in Business

Mentors: Top Influencers for Young Women in Business

Top influencers for young women in business – Are you in need of business ideas or really in need of mentors, women in business like you, doing the thing you want to do or trying to do?

Mentors are not hard to come by anymore. You can become a mentee simply by religiously following social handles, reading books, digesting podcasts, and YouTube videos. If you do this consistently, you will grow into the habits of the influencers you follow.

I always stress the world is a global village and that you miss out when you don’t take advantage of today’s technologies. And by technologies, it’s as simple as the mobile phone in your hands, yes! Your mobile phone.

Gone are the days when a mentor and mentee relationships involve visiting your mentor twice a week, learning under strict scrutiny, and running around doing chores in exchange for mentorship.

This is still effective, but now with digital media, the mentor-mentee relationship is as easy as a following on social media and learning as you observe.

Women need mentors. I highly recommend this. It is more inspiring and uplifting when you find women of your generation scaling heights and exceeding boundaries. It makes you feel, I Can Do This Too, and Yes You Can, Yes You Can.

Sometimes in your journey of purpose, you may find that the path you are walking has not been trodden before by any of the women in your circle or any member of your family and you will need to look outside your circle for help.

Read some time ago that it’s not always that you will find people who are doing what you are doing. God may have called you into an original path unique to only you.

So don’t sit down in fear thinking, ”no one else is doing this, no one I can imitate so why not plays it safe and tweak my purpose to something more familiar”.

If God called you to be a trailblazer, don’t just sit there, Baby Girl, make sure you set that trail on fire! You are equipped with everything you need.

Excited to share with you my top influencers, savvy young women in business that you can always pick up a rich plate of ideas from on how to live a productive life.

Young women, these are the top influencers you should look out for and you should follow. You should know life is like an electric train, it just speeds on without stopping. So no excuses, get strapped.

”My mission is to show you how to leverage time, focus and resourcefulness to go after the life you want”.

Amy Landino

Influencer number one on our list is Amy Landino, the Vlog Boss Queen! And the founder of SavvySexySocial. If that name doesn’t ring a bell, then you have not been paying attention.

Amy is a professional speaker with a mission to help brands and people grow to their maximum potential.

A leading authority in the sphere of digital content creation, and her book, Vlog Like A Boss: How To Kill It Online With Video Blogging, is packed full with insights for vloggers.

So if you are a vlogger, you should follow Amy. She has a wealth of resources to guide you.

Also, she is the perfect illustration for the phrase, ”just keep swimming!” keep doing that thing, whatever it may be, consistently and it will eventually pay off. If you have any doubts, go check her YouTube videos of 2011 and come tell me.

As a woman in business and top influencer, she constantly teaches how to manage and grow a brand, how to maximize the digital space for your benefit, and how to organize your life, so you live your dream.

How To Be A Successful Introvert


How do you, as an introvert compete when there is an extrovert doing the same thing, in the room? Uh oh.

Extroverts smile to the bank every month because they are masters at the art of human connection. Unlike introverts, they thrive amid conversations, they are the life of the party and the successful salespersons.

Can I as an introvert succeed in my work-life? How do I engage others without feeling drained, and how can I get them to buy what I offer?

Your Introverted Nature is Not an Excuse Not To Succeed, Okay?

Amy Landino

The first step is the knowledge that you are an introvert and rather than let this intimidate you, learning how to manage it, will be your power.

One thing you should keep in mind is introverts spend energy on human interaction. Once you understand this, then you will know how important it is to recharge!

You do this by spending time alone in self-indulgence; Meditate, watch a movie, read a book. Just make sure to have some quiet time girl, before and after sharing yourself with others.

Step number two is Show Up. Always show up despite the fear. You know what; I will just let Amy do the talking.

Time Management Tips That Work

Amy Landino

Time! One of the major challenges of young women in the age of so many distractions. There is college studying you need to keep up with, there is homemaking, there is a part-time job, there is the business, and there are kids to look out for.

Can I possibly manage all that within 24 hours?

Learning how to manage your time as a woman in business is just as vital to financial success as it is to every area of your life.

My recommendations revolve around planning your day a day ahead, in fact, a week ahead. Write down the things you need to do every day for a week, which you can always come back to review.

Start your day early, wake up before they wake up. For real, I know how hard this is, especially for people like me, who are not morning persons(this crap is real).

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Take a cue from Amy, learn the culture of productivity

Anyone familiar with the influencer Lisa Nichols, anyone? She is the founder of Motivating the Teen Spirit, co-author of Chicken soup for the Soul and one of the teachers of The Secrets.

Lisa’s extraordinary story of transforming her own life from public assistance for her family to leading a multi-million dollar enterprise is the inspiration behind her bold mission to teach others that it is possible to do the same.

Her goal is to help her audience discover their untapped talents and infinite potential, thereby altering the trajectory of businesses worldwide. Let’s dive into this, shall we?

How to Build a Powerful Brand and Explode Your Business | Lisa Nichols
Lisa Nichols

Our last influencer is Patrice Washington, also known as America’s Money Maven!

Romans 8:19 says, ” For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God”.

The world is waiting for your manifestation. Do Not Shrink Back! Sorry, I have wandered a bit. Patrice Washington is a financial expert who believes that true wealth is much more than hard currency.

Her principles on wealth creation are entwined in 6 wealth pillars; Fit, People, Space, Faith, Work, Money which are etched deeply in the foundations of Purpose, Fulfillment, and prosperity.

You will quickly realize that my true focus and commitment is – and always has been – to help you shift your mindset, earn more using your God-given gifts and live your life’s purpose.

Patrice Washington

Let’s learn from the finance aficionado the secrets of earning more.

Patrice Washington

Women in business, these are my top three influencers you should learn under.

Know others that you think will be a blessing to us? Please, share below.


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