Money Mantras To Help You Navigate Dark Financial Times

Money Mantras To Help You Navigate Dark Financial Times

Do you still turn on the news? Economic news is enough to send one into chest palpitations. All the confidence and boldness you came into the year with ready to dash out the window.

One thing that has helped me stay afloat emotionally and mentally are my faith over fear money mantras/affirmations.

You’ve read me talk about affirmations a lot on this page and for cogent reasons too – speaking what you want into your life will fuel your faith, which will, in turn, raise your vibrations, and cause you to have expectations. In expecting, you begin to see possibilities and receive opportunities and also, makes you put in the work that will bring about the manifestation you so desire.

The only thing fear does is keep you locked in a box, absorbing more and more negative information, till all you begin to see is impossibilities – I do not have money for this. I can’t use this little money I have to make this major move. If it fails I would be left with nothing Nothing Nothing NOTHING until the only thing your brain transmits is LACK.

And the rat race begins.

Do you want to live like that? I do not want to live like that. The reality is you can’t stop the economy from crashing, or stop corruption, or command a slash in prices. These things will always happen but you will not be the underdog. No sis.

You have life in abundance and more than anything God has given you all that is needed to prosper and flourish on this earth and you can not afford to be anything less.

When the people say there is a casting down I shall say there is a lifting up – Job. No, it’s not just words. These declarations condition your mind to think differently – to believe(without faith you can do nothing) and sharpen your perception to see opportunities.

These three things will help you through tough financial times:

The word

We are Christians so ultimately we must refer to the bible – search for money related scriptures and meditate on them.

Write it down

Write down your financial goals and work towards them little by little.

Have your personal money mantras which could be anything like these:

I live in abundance
Even when it appears I am broke, supernatural supply answers for me and I meet every need.

I will not be poor
Regardless if I have or had financial struggles in the past. Wealth is not for a select few. I attract wealth.

I make money while I sleep
Passive income will speak for me, either through investments, sales or anything that brings me money without involving my time.

I receive opportunities to work and get paid
‘There are no jobs in the country’ yet I have employers seeking me out.

Wonderful things happen to me all the time
I am blessed and highly favoured good things come to me always.

I deserve the best of all life has to offer and I will get it

So babe, who is the boss of her finances? You of course!



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