Movie Review: The Wedding Party 2

Movie Review: The Wedding Party 2


Movie Review


Alright, my review is late, very, very, late. I watched The Wedding Party 2 just a few days ago. “How was it?” it was a rip off. That is exactly how I felt, like EbonyLife TV deceived me, the trailers deceived me, Nigerians hype over the Film, deceived me!😂.

Watching Wedding Party 2 I did not get that same sense of satisfaction (I get when I have eaten a good meal), I got from watching the first series. Also, it did not assuage the anticipation that had built up in me and reached a crescendo. If you know how I had been chanting “wedding party two, wedding party two,” dancing and disturbing everyone in the house, you would understand it was a very humbling moment for me, when I returned from the cinema and was asked, “So how was it?”

Okay, before I go on and on ranting about how the Film disappointed me, I will give you an insight to my viewing-experience, of the glorified Wedding Party 2.

What makes a Film delightful; leave a lasting impression in the mind of the viewer’s long after it has been watched?

It is usually a plot that we can relate to generally, well executed roles and then the production; lighting effect, image quality, sound, cameo and other technicalities.

The plot is intriguing and the story-line, arrested the attention of most Nigerians and made us eager to see the Film. Nigerians love a good romance. However, what happens when there is a little twist to the fairy-tale like the prince becomes an unfortunate victim of a misfired proposal?

Such a tight plot and I expected same captivating role-play. In any Film I look forward to seeing a character resonate with the emotion he is playing- anger, fear, shock, love, vengeance. I kept waiting to see this passionate expression in the lead characters, Deidre and Nonso and it did not happen. With them I got the “hey- it- is -just acting-this-is-not-real-life” vibrations. I could not feel the emotional connection between these two, in comparison with the characters of Dunni (Adesua Etomi) and Dozie (Banky W) in Wedding Party 1.

You could argue that unlike Dunni and Dozie, Deidre and Nonso’s courtship wasn’t exactly a smooth sail, but still I could not feel the energy that ought to have radiated from the characters. Despite that, this singular event of proposal by accident set the Film rolling and had everything it needed to hold us spellbound and sustain our frenzied excitement till the very end but it did not.

The character Nonso did not give the expected emotional response. I wanted to see shock! At the point where Deidre said “yes”, Nonso’s expression looked as one who had not yet processed the implication of the “yes” and sadly he never showed to us that he did eventually, understand the gravity of his situation. There should have been a bit of withdrawal, some time alone to reflect (he needed space), to engage in some deep thinking; “am I ready to spend the rest of my life with this woman?” However, what I saw was a man who had been sent a delivery he never ordered for, and he was left with casual choices-” to return, or just pay for it and keep it?”

From this point, the Film just ambled along like a peaceful brook.

Moving away from the characters of Diedre and Nonso, I noted that there were some very inappropriate and blurry scenes. One in particular that made my eyes pop was at the introduction ceremony where Deidre dad, eating the native kolanut (it’s dreadfully bitter for those who have not tasted it) fell to the floor in what I describe as an exaggerated show of repulsion. Was that necessary? Does that happen in a real wedding ceremony? It was a faux attempt at comic relief.

Now about “AY” please, somebody, tell me what AY’s relevance in the Film is? What did he do? Tell us how our ancestors climbed trees? I don’t understand. That scene was a total waste of viewing time.

There is a part in the Film that is not too clear. The interval between the moment Dunni’s water broke, and she had to be rushed to the hospital and coming back to continue the wedding at night. There was a gap there. In a typical Nigerian wedding where such a situation comes up usually there would be a voiced restiveness in the countenance of the wedding guest. There was no place showing how they were assuaged or calmed or the situation explained to them. So I did wonder if the guest sat down patiently, all day, till late in the night waiting for the “missing” bride.

All in all the Film was flawed. However, we (I and my Film mate) did go euphoric over the effizy of the Film; an exotic destination, flashy show of wealth and opulence and Dunni giving birth to twins.

The cameo effect is wonderful, Film picture is of excellent quality, and the song choices for the various scenes are on point, the plot fantastic. The Film is great I just expected more, much more.

So have you watched the Film, what did you think of it? This, is just my own two-cents.


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