My Sister the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite is the Perfect Boxing Day Companion

My Sister the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite is the Perfect Boxing Day Companion

What are you going to be doing after opening Gifts on Boxing Day morning? Preparing the house for guests and pimping up to show up and showoff at white parties come high-noon and the rest of the evening.

We advise that you have My Sister the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite beside you because you will want to pop in every now and then, in between checking that the snacks and small chops are all arranged, and the chicken is roasting nicely in the oven, and after the day comes to an end, when you plop on your bed, just before you drift off, you will need this book to remind you again that a multiverse exists, and books are the doorway.

It’s Christmas come on, though we are grown up and may not believe in childish fantasies, there is a much more substantial reverie that books give us access to.

My sister the serial killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite has done what Agatha Christie’s mystery does for us on Christmas mornings, and every other day except a slight difference which is a unique Nigerian narration and it’s homey ambience; as a result of a generous sprinkling of familiar Yoruba language and Eko landmarks. It is a well spurned thought-provoking tale that ends with a cliffhanger, leaving the reader seeking closure like a perplexed heartbroken lover.

Honestly, if I could sit with Oyinkan, I would ask her questions about her character – Korede and Ayoola’s father. I feel there is so much in personality and spirit, that we didn’t get to know, and Korede’s flashbacks which are fastened with memories of her father, isn’t enough. I long for more than just a shadow of who he was.

More flesh on his life’s narration-his family, his upbringing, his marriage, how he viewed his children. Just like what Adichie did with Purple Hibiscus. It was clear, why their father did what he did to Kambili and Jaja. He had been indoctrinated or brainwashed to believe he was doing it in their best interest, and for God. For Korede’s father, we never get to know how his mind worked, and what compelled him.

So, Oyinkan Braithwaite, I would like a full manuscript on the man thank you.

What will you do if your sister unceasingly commits a grievous crime that would amount to a life sentence, and possibly a death knell? Would you help her cover it up or let her face atonement for her misdeeds? This book, I have to give it to you Oyinkan-squeezed out all my moral juices. I had to swap Korede with myself and Ayoola with my sister. What choice would I make in Korede’s shoes? How does one define the line between protecting the family and sanctioning crime?

Once again, we are sucked into a sharp reminder that adulting is not simple at all, and morality is not all black and white.

Where do we begin the story of the sisters, Korede and Ayoola? Korede is older and a nurse by profession, Ayoola is a designer. Their childhood was a riotous one, for lack of a more suitable word.

Although they grew up in wealth, you know money does not make for a happy home. Their parents tied the nuptials on mutual interest, prestige and notes which turned the mother into a seen-and-not-heard wife, while her husband is quite the philanderer, a dubious businessman, and above all family tyrant. He wouldn’t mind selling each member of his family off, one by one just to meet his needs, yet what he cares about most is his reputation-the irony.

The peace of his sudden death or is it preempted death was shortlived as Korede discovers to her dismay, that their father had left them a gift in Ayoola, that will continue to hunt them and shatter every form of normalcy throughout their lives.

When Ayoola begins to kill all the men in her life, one after the other – Tade, Femi, Gboyega; 1 2 3, and three makes a serial killer, Korede notes.

Read the teaser below.

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