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Oprah’s Conversations with The Other Woman

Our relationships have always been threatened (imagined or true) by the presence of the ‘Other Woman’. However, this narrative has been unbalanced as we have listened more, and empathized with the ‘wife’. This time, Oprah has gone ahead to change the narrative. She sits down with women of different social circles, who have at one time or the other in their lives been side-chics.

Oprah’s conversations with the other woman is a very insightful expose. She walks us through the minds of this women; what it means for them to be seen as the other woman, how they found themselves in that narrative (for all we know they might have been victims too), the lessons they have picked up along the way and regrets if any.

If you were to have conversations with the other woman in your relationship what would you want to know? Watch as Oprah delves deep into the minds of the other women in our lives.

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