Oprah's Gift Guide for your Mama Friend

Finding a Gift for mama

Gift Guide for your mama friend, who also likes to keep things pristine

We raided Oprah’s list of favourite things, look what we found.

Finding the perfect gift shouldn’t always boil down to; picking up a pen and paper, racking your brain for suitable gifts and cross-checking those items against your budget to make sure you are still in control.

Here comes our Mama Gift Guide to the rescue

Picked out practical and yet stylish items for every fashionable mama in your life. We understand that just because your friend now swims with the current of motherhood, doesn’t mean she has lost her eye for fine things and can’t turn up every now and again with the girls. She only gave birth, she didn’t become a grandma!

Finding a Gift for your Mama friend

Picking out gifts for mama needs precision. You want something that will make her work around the house easier and family-friendly items that the kids will love too.

Preppi Emergency backpack

Handier than the first aid box and for the mama whose kids are still in their tumbling-down phase, she will be needing this all the time. Just one phone call from her children’s school or from the host in charge of their play dates, mama grabs the backpack and dashes out all set to be the supershero her kids need.

Lady Gaga Liquid Eyeshadow

One of the top fashion trends this season that mama probably won’t have time to buy one for herself, but she will be eternally grateful unwrapping this. It will make her feel like the twenties girl she once was, and yeah this mama is smoking hot.

Lulu Dharma bag

An all in one compact bag; light, spacious and all-purpose. She can take it to the mall, use it to pick the kids, use it for work and she doesn’t have to worry about fitting in her necessities: her phone, her notepad, office documents, bottled water, baby wipes and even diapers have space in there.

Courant Catch:2

This wireless charger is everything. No one wants to have a drained battery more so a mama, she never knows when there will be an emergency. This gift will save her all the stress of looking for where to charge her phone. Pick up her charger, pick up her phone, and she is fortified for the rest of the day.

G.I.L.L.I by Jill martin

An inviting throw blanket only means one thing – the whole family will be found in one place. No one will be hiding in the closets, or in the nursery pinching the new baby. This season comes with freezing temperatures, and no one would want to miss the chance of cuddling under these.

Spanks black pants

Housekeeping continues even after the festive season, only that during this period it is more tasking. More often than not your mama friend will be looking scattered and rough. A black pant will hide much of the stains, and she can conceal the spots for a day or two before changing. This will also save her laundry time.

Peeper Eye Glasses

They come in different shades and colours and as I always recommend if you like something, buy it in two’s, wink.

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