Our #Mommy&Me Geng Are the Warmest Pictures You Will See All-Day
Mommy Diaries

Our #Mommy&Me Geng Are the Warmest Pictures You Will See Today

Our mommy tag is our way of proudly celebrating mamas navigating the waters of motherhood

Every day is a day to celebrate mommy(s) – and family! The government imposed quarantine has made us more aware of how important quality family time is.

Alexilore has been up and down. We’ve gone North, East, West, South on the streets of Instagram to see how a lot of us have been making ample use of the quarantine.

And ‘oh boy’, what a time of bonding this period has been for so many – lovers had their shine; posting coupling photos ‘upandan’ the place. *tsk-tsk*

However, the mommy and me geng carried the day – owned the quarantine – Moms absolutely rocked the stay-at-home order the most. Not even the slay-at-home geng could steal their shine.

Mommas day came and went some days past, and we still think it’s not too late to just cherish the beauty of motherhood.

Find below our favourite mommy and me gengs:

Entertainment lawyer Lola OJ and her cute bumpkin.

The joys of Motherhood can only be experienced not told.

Simi Esiri and her sunshine

Baby is growing hair!

Baby Olympia and Serena Williams

What do you think they are talking about?

Lola Maja and her look-alike

When you have a mom that makes the fairy tales happen.

Letoya Luckett and her two Princesses

And another on the way. It’s going to be a full house.

In solidarity with the #girldad hashtag, here’s our version of #boymomgang and they are so cute:

Eniko Hart and her lil King

When momma is happy, everyone stays happy.

Adedamee and her son, playing matchy-matchy

Set awon geng… Tiwa and her doppellganger

Sophie Alakija giving us mommy fever

Porsha Williams and her lil bundle of joy

Sometimes we have to give up ‘mommy and me’ photos for ‘mommy and us’

The Wilsons

It’s a date.

Dr Adanna and her sons

Caption this?

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