These ‘Proverbial’ Scriptures Are The Spiritual Game Changers You Need

These ‘Proverbial' Scriptures Are The Spiritual Game Changers You Need

First off, can we just take a moment to thank the father for how far he has brought you – thank you, God.

2020 did not turn up the way we hoped, but amid the chaos, uncertainty, the numerous calamities that befell mankind these past few months. In the midst of all that, you have been preserved, have been sustained. You have hope, and you are not depressed. The testimonies are still flowing. Girl, this is more than what a lot of people can stake claim right now.

Just look around you – picture in your mind’s eye how far you have come – see how blessed and loved you are? Do you see how God has shown up for you on numerous occasions? He connected you when you had no connections. Sent financial aid when there was no money. Kept your loved ones in excellent health all through, so money doesn’t get spent in the hospital. Come on girl, give the Lord a shout!

Yes! I am here to gas you up in the Lord. And to remind you who you are – daughter of the most High.

A given, this year has been a very very challenging one – phew. How are you holding up? Spiritually I mean?
Still, ravenously eating the word – as a watchman that need not be ashamed(2 Timothy 2:15 KJV)-?

This year is gradually rounding up, and so to help you finish strong, we have picked some passages from the book of proverbs – my fave. Let it’s ageless wisdom carry you through the remaining days of the year.

16 Practical scriptures from the book of proverbs that are lifesavers

1.Silver and gold are tested by flames of fire; our thoughts are tested by the Lord. Proverbs 17:3

Man can only see your actions but God reads your motives and your thoughts.

2. The start of an argument is like a water leak— so stop it before real trouble breaks out. Proverbs 17:14

Is it really worth sacrificing your energy for? If you can avoid an argument and thereby protect your peace, please, by all means, walk away. Even if they are wrong and you are right.

3. It makes a lot of sense to be a person of few words and to stay calm. Proverbs 17:27

Even the Bible has a word for introverts. argue with your Bible

4. If you stop learning, you will forget what you already know. Proverbs 19:27

When you invest in knowledge, you invest in yourself.

5. It isn’t smart to get drunk! Drinking makes a fool of you and leads to fights. Proverbs 20:1

Friendly reminder.

6. Someone’s thoughts may be as deep as the ocean, but if you are smart, you will discover them. Proverbs 20:5

Pay more attention to actions, it will reveal their thoughts.

7. The food you get by cheating may taste delicious, but it turns to gravel. Proverbs 20: 17.

Hmm. No matter how good it seems to be going for you now, the end is certain.

8. Be sure you have sound advice before making plans or starting a war. Proverbs 20:18.

Another verse says in the multitude of counselors there is safety.

9. Stay away from gossips they tell everything. Proverbs 20:19

Seriously. But to be honest, it’s really sweet to gossip others but not so much when the table is turned. Oh yeah, the person who gossips with you is also taking juicy notes on you.

10. Children who curse their parents will go to the land of darkness long before their time. Proverbs 20:20.

Okay. You know this one already, so.

11. Getting rich quick may turn out to be a curse. Proverbs 20:21

As T.D Jakes will say, ‘the lord orders steps.’ Emphasis on the steps. God is not a get rich quick scheme. So if you are involved in such, read that again.

12. A severe beating can knock all of the evil out of you! Proverbs 20: 30

Since you have refused to hear word.

13. If you plan and work hard, you will have plenty; if you get in a hurry, you will end up poor. Proverbs 21: 5.

If you get money through dubious means without honestly working for it, good and fine, the money will come but it won’t last.

14. When you see trouble coming, don’t be stupid and walk right into it— be smart and hide. Proverbs 22:3

Ghen Ghen. The bible is witty for real. For real. If you like stay there and be reciting the Lord is my Shepherd.

15. Cheat the poor to make profit or give gifts to the rich— either way you lose. Proverbs 22:16

You Rob from the poor, you ass-kiss the rich, either way, you lose – eventually.

16. Don’t accept an invitation to eat a selfish person’s food, no matter how good it is. People like that take note of how much you eat. They say, “Take all you want!” But they don’t mean it. Each bite will come back up, and all your kind words will be wasted. Proverbs 23

Hmm. If you have a selfish friend -No they don’t even need to be a friend- if you know that you’ve made acquaintance with a selfish person and you know that you know that they are selfish. The Bible is giving advice. Tread with care.

Raise your glasses to finishing the year strong!


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