Purpose fatigue: How to Identify and deal with what's stealing your joy
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Is Purpose fatigue Stealing Your Joy? Here’s How You Can Deal

Purpose fatigue – yes, there is a name for that weary feeling you sometimes experience in your career, passion, craft, and it’s normal to feel this way.

In a recent article on Alexilore, ‘Why more women need to care about finding a ready-made man’, I revealed that I was battling purpose fatigue and I was going to talk about it some.

Fatigue is ‘weariness’ slash ‘exhaustion’ slash ‘tiredness’ slash – what other analogue is there? The feeling of throwing in the towel because you feel like you have been spread thin or you have experienced too many challenges, rejections and setbacks. And you can’t possibly go on – that’s what you tell everyone. But you know deep down, you may leave that ‘thing’ for a while, just to breathe, but you will be back like a moth to a flame.

At least if what you are doing is purpose-driven, then I know it will probably kill you to think of abandoning ship.

When I was battling with purpose fatigue, that period, writing became a chore. This is something I really enjoy more than anything else I felt like any more keystrokes and I would explode. I didn’t even want to see my laptop, and I also felt mentally drained and incapable of creating anything.

This was my state for weeks, running into a month, but what I didn’t realize on time was that I needed recess to care of me.

Instead, I kept feeling guilty. The more I was away from work, the more I felt guilty, and the more I couldn’t create anything.
I eventually had to sit down and have the inner talk. I established the fact that I totally loved what I did. And even though things were not looking up at the moment, there was no way in a million that I was going to quit – even if I temporarily felt like crap. Also, I knew I’d be fine once the feeling was gone.

You may be thinking that you have not yet discovered purpose, but if you ask me, I will say you don’t discover your purpose all at once. It is as you attack your passion daily that you discover purpose – bit by bit.
While you are pursuing a passion, it’s possible to get discouraged and want to give up. You should read ‘How to maintain balance in your hustle. Stay prayed up: scriptures you can key into to fuel your hustle.’

Proverbs 24:10 “If thou faints in the day of adversity thy strength is small.”

Adesua Etomi shared a post on her Instagram one day that touched me deeply. It awakened in me the reality that challenges are a part of our journey, and there’s no escaping it.

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|This message is linked to my faith and the God I serve but IT IS FOR EVERYONE|. I remember a time in my life when it seemed like NOTHING was going right and I mean NOTHING. Everything just seemed to suck. I was constantly being hurt by people I cared about and was good to, my career…well, I didn't have one and it wasn't for lack of trying, people I loved were going through tough times, everything wasn't going right. It became hard to pray. I'd stay in my house, in bed for daysss. I never talked about it. On so many occassions, I'd cry myself to sleep. I constantly wished i was someone else. I was deeply unhappy. Can't remember how but I was finally able to start praying through it all. Started talking bout it too. I Wish I could tell you that things got better immediately. Lol. They didn't but I'll tell you what did happen. I fought every single day for my life. The life I knew was mine. I started to focus on what i did have and became more thankful. I started to speak positively about myself and my life. I started to smile more. I started to laugh more and then I learnt the secret of being content in any and every situation. I also learnt to give even when I had very little. I worked on myself and asked God to make me better. One day I remember hearing ' it'll all make sense some day'. I'm not saying it all makes sense now but things are definitely better than they used to be. It didn't happen overnight but it did happen. Slowly but surely. There's a reason I constantly try to remember to keep God at the centre of it all. He's literally holding me together. I still go through tough times, everyone does but my perspective has changed. We don't see complete pictures but I serve a God who does. I know it's tough and I'm really sorry. If no one has told you before, i want you to know that you're stronger than you can possibly imagine, even on the days that you can't get yourself out of bed. You're beautiful. You're loved. You're cherished. You're forgiven and the world needs you. You're not a mistake. All these are true, whether you believe in God or not. I don't know why I wrote this but I feel someone really needs it. Now and always, ☀️ Sunshine

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Habbakuk 2: 2-3 says “And the Lord answered me, and said, ‘Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end, it shall speak, and not lie. Though it tarries – it may seem like it will never happen – wait for it. It will surely come, it will not tarry.'”

It is important that whenever you feel like you have a case of purpose fatigue coming on strong, that you step away from the action and practice self-care.

5 ways you can deal with purpose fatigue

The first thing is to identify your triggers

What is making you feel discouraged? It could be the rejection emails. Could be that you are seeing very little for your effort – “do not despise the days of little beginnings.”

Maybe you are not getting the support you expect, or you feel your competitors are doing so much better than you are.

When you have established your triggers, write down how you feel you can remedy the situation.
You can start by appreciating where you are coming from and where you are right now.

Understand that it is okay when people don’t support you. Not everyone would get the vision, it was given to you not them. Walt Disney *a whole Walt Disney* was fired for lacking creativity. Can you beat that?

“The labourer deserves his wages” I am a Christian! And for me, nothing is surer than the Word of God. So believe it will happen as God said it will.

Go back to one of your hobbies

Whenever I feel overwhelmed or like I am mentally exhausted, I find ways to recharge. I watch movies, play games, or my all-time favourite reading novels.

You can use the time to reach out to your inner circle; mentors, and intimate friends so they can pour into you.

Reward yourself

Don’t wait until you are burned out before you do this. From time to time, celebrate your little wins in any way you can. I used to take myself out every month – my personal ritual – and get something novel to eat.

Change of environment

Sometimes all it takes is a change of environment to get your creative mojo back. If you can afford it, travel. If you can’t, this is an excuse to visit friends or family for some days.

Stay under the grid if you feel the need to

I go under the radar all the time. It’s no longer news for people to say, I have not seen or heard from you in ages. If I don’t do that, I find that I can’t function properly.

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