Rants and Randomness is the Podcast We are Listening to

Rants and Randomness is the Podcast We are Listening to

What podcast are you currently listening to that’s clearing your headspace and putting you in the right frame of mind? We are definitely recommending Episode 28 of Rants and Randomness from a ‘brown skin girl’, Luvvie Ajayi Jones. Who else has had Brown Skin Girl, a track from Beyonce’s Lion King: The Gift, album on repeat? This song is a whole mood, really.

On this podcast episode which Luvvie titled, Be a Legend, she talks business, finding Nigerian food in London and a feature with Marsai Martin, Hollywood’s youngest producer.


One of the things Luvvie deemed mandatory for every business person is, a strong brand identity. She stressed the need for every business to have a unique brand logo. You have to ensure that whichever brand logo you eventually go for, it is not identical to that of another brand or else there will be a mess. Your audience won’t be able to distinguish between your company and the other organisation, and you will likely attract litigation issues.

If the contrary is the case – where a company uses an identical version of your logo, she discusses what you can do about it, and this brings us to patency rights. Luvvie talks about the importance of registering your business name, logo and the works, so you own the sole right, and another business can’t just come and cop your brand.


Nigerians in diaspora looking for African cuisine, Luvvie describes her accidental meeting with a Nigerian food truck and how that experience has been a blessing to her native palate ever since.

Her Legend

Her feature with Marsai Martin(youngest executive producer in Hollywood) is what you should look forward to – it’s the highlight of this episode. Marsai is introduced into the podcast, and even from her voice you can tell, the girl is so young. She talks about her directorial debut with her movie, Little, her production company, Genius, and answers every other question I know you would want to ask the young star.

Listen here.

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