Why You Must Go On A Face Painting Spree

Why You Must Go On A Face Painting Spree

Not only is it a fun activity to do with your girlfriends, but it will also bring out your carefree and playful nature. It’s a good way to help shed off the tension and bring back the good ol’ girly you.

We all deserve a break some days even if it means transforming our faces into a painted canvas. You can play with colors, splash paint around, and be any character you fancy.

May 27th was Children’s Day and on a cue, we paid a visit to Hardy the CEO of Hardy Art and as expected he had his work cut out for him; attending to the never-ending stream of excited kids in a frenzy to get their faces identical to that of their TV superheroes and we don’t blame them, instead we choose to emulate.

Slide through our gallery to catch a glimpse of the children’s spirit.

Face Art By Hardy Art:

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