Sarlea Mah & Kefilwe Mabote Is All The Inspiration You Need To Go Bold & Daring With Your Style This Season

Sarlea Mah & Kefilwe Mabote Is All The Inspiration You Need To Go Bold & Daring With Your Style This Season

Let your Feeling Of Not Missing Out be turned into FOMO just because YOLO – You only live once!

If you are like me; me, is the girl who goes on Instagram, metamorphoses into monitoring spirit, scouts out the pages of leading fashionistas, looking for who-wore-what. And what-wore-who(if you understand), liking, loving, admiring – and swearing to never ever dress like that. Lol. I am here to make you change your mind. Change that your feeling of not missing out into a fear of missing out, FOMO!

Adunno about you o, but Corona has made some of us rethink our Very Normal Boring Schedule; introverts are vowing to be more outgoing when all this is over. As for me, I am planning to do some serious wardrobe reshuffle out with the old, in with the new and make way for bold and daring outfits.

When I was an undergrad, going out with friends meant they had to pick out my outfit, and it never went down without bickering. I was the ‘Please, just throw on a jean trouser and a top and let’s move.’ They were more like, ‘Life is too short to were boring clothes. We won’t go out with you looking like that.’

I didn’t get it then, but now the times we are in has made me understand(the Psalmist says, ‘teach me to number my days’) – YOLO; you only live once. Make sure you make the most of it!

Yes! Pair those ankle boots with toe length skirt, an office shirt and a fedora hat. Step out of the house with your great grandma’s bag and her jewellery of cowrie beads(you remember?). No one will dare call you crazy unless you first think yourself weird lol. Please don’t take this advice.

But really, these bold and daring outfits that we culled stole actually will inspire you to ruffle your wardrobe after the isolation.

If not now when, when are you going to stop playing safe?


You either go bold, or you go home, and by now you should know that pattern on dalmatian has become a trend. The white and black polka-dot knee-length skirt is easy to find which makes it very easy for you to replicate @simplycyn look down to her manicure.

Indima Okojie:

You have to be very brave to pull off Indima Okojie’s look. Foil coloured top? and a thigh-length slit skirt, matched with this thick-soled sneaker is probably what you will need when you are ready to skip out of isolation.


@lerato_kgamanyane’s nude outfit is all the inspiration you need to go bold and daring in leopard print pants and a checked nude jacket. This boss look Lerato is serving is eye candy for dismal days.


Girlll, who is licking lolly pop around here, because this outfit is candy blinding. Yeah, I made that up on the spot duurh This look just makes me want to say, ‘don’t try this at home’ unless you are sure you can pull it off.

Alex Osogwa:

Electric blue on black is fire, and Alex knows it. If you really want to switch up your wardrobe for a more brazen look, then this bold and daring outfit is definitely the answer.

Idia Aisien:

Idia Aisien the colour blocking queen. Who else can pull off baby blue, orange, red and gold in the same space?


Bambam serving it bad-bad with baby frills and polka dot heels. Can you pull this off?


Turn up to that event spotting a Pastel green monochrome lewk. For sure, tongues won’t stop wagging.

Sharon Ooja:

Sharon Ooja in…you know what, I think you should go ahead and caption this.

Tell us, have we managed to make you lust after bold and daring outfits? If so, then perfect!

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