We Challenge You! To A Month of Sending Cold Emails

Send cold emails and get a foot ahead in your job search

Sometimes a single email can be the difference between a job at hand and a job out there.

Why send cold emails: A cold email is an unsolicited e-mail that is sent to a receiver without prior contact. It could also be defined as the email equivalent of cold calling – Wikipedia.

We are going to be discussing a career technique that can be highly effectual, and yet largely ignored – 1. because it demands you, probably leaving your comfort zone and 2. because you may never have heard of it.

Before we dive into the main gruel, first let’s do a little exercise. Close your eyes and envision the career you want. Starting from the industry. Now the company, and finally the job title and daily duties.

Did that memory make you smile? Are you living that dream right now? If No, what is stopping you? I am guessing it’s one of these things.

1. The position does not exist *smirk* and you are racking your brain about how to create it.

2. With the saturation of the job market, chances of finding and securing that position are slim.

If you nodded your head at number 2, this post is for you.

Why Cold Emails?

I strongly believe in going after what I want, even if it means being proactive and pursuing that desire. You should too. Read this post on how to land your dream job in 2020. When you send cold emails, you achieve three things.

  • 1. You arouse the interest of the party or parties involved. More often than not, they are going to be impressed by your proactivity. No matter if they respond or not, you have left an impression.
  • 2. You alert the company about a need they probably didn’t realize they had.
  • 3. They may just have been looking for someone like you…and here you come along.

Cold emails give you a foot in the door(you’d be surprised), and you have nothing to lose. Instead of waiting for the company or the role to come at you, why don’t you go get it? Go about this with an expectation to receive.

Don’t be discouraged when you don’t get responses, keep trying till you hit the jackpot.

How to send cold emails for a job opportunity

The first questions we all ask is, ” okay, so where do I start?”.

To embark on this frightening, out of your comfort zone experience, first, you need to do some heavy research about the company you are looking at.

Find out what makes them good at what they do, what they value, where you can fit in, and the profiles of those who wear the pants in the organization. They are the ones you will be reaching out to, so get familiar.

The next step is to find – hunt down their email addresses. Yes, like Easter eggs. This is the only way you can reach them, so you have to have their email address.

It is likely that most company heads and HR Management won’t have their email addresses lying around and waiting for you to find – Nah. But. But big thanks to technology, there are tools that will come to your rescue.

There are tools you can use to help with this dirty job. Do you know of Rocket Reach? Rocket reach is not completely free, but it will help you a great deal. Hunter.io, Snuv.io and many more will come in handy. These ones I use personally and they have not failed me.

The next step is to draft an email where you successfully sell yourself.

I have searched on Google about cold emails, and the results I got was largely about how to sell a product to a company. How to cold pitch a proposal. You will rarely find any that goes into details on how to sell yourself and land your dream job.

I did find something valuable here at Career Contessa, which will give you a head start. It comes with the perfect email template that will teach you how to craft killer subject lines, engage your target in the body of the email, and finally show you how to send a follow-up email.

I have sent that email, now what?

If you have not heard back, wait a week and – yeah send a follow-up email. Don’t relent.

Work on this challenge for a month and come back and gist us in the comments. What do you have to lose?

George Addair said: “Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.”

Challenge accepted!

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