Speak these Positive Affirmations to Manifest the 2020 You Desire

Speak these Positive Affirmations to Manifest the 2020 You Desire

Let’s use these positive affirmations to manifest the life we desire. Life and death are in the power of the tongue. What are you declaring into your year?

The power of positive speaking is not a myth. There are enough testimonies from those who engage in it to go round. The Bible says, ‘as a man thinketh in his heart so is he and out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.’

What do you have in abundance stored up in your heart-negative, limiting, dejected mindset from years of disappointments, hurts and struggles? Sis, we are not carrying that baggage into 2020. We are going to manifest the life we desire by speaking it into existence and speaking into existence the kind of woman we intend to metamorphose into. Let’s go:

Positive affirmations to manifest the life we desire

“I am more than enough and some more”

The times we live in has somehow made us feel that we are pitched against everyone, and we are in a race to show how much smarter, resourceful, intelligent, beautiful, wealthier, valuable we are compared to another. Sexism in the workplace has us women fighting to be noticed. Wearing so many hats at the same time, such as mother, boss babe, student and loving wife can be really daunting.

There is always the fear of, ‘I am not pulling my weight, my mate pulls this off so much better’. This year is the year to drop this unnecessary pressure and time to pat yourself on the back for how hard you work, and what you have achieved. You are doing perfectly fine, the best way you can.

I will always refer back to scriptures because that’s the operators manual; it says I have given you all that pertains to life and godliness. This indicates that everything you will ever need in this life to excel is within. You are more than enough. Stop looking at others and concentrate on yourself. You are capable of remarkable things. No one can do it exactly the way you do it. This brings us to our next affirmation:

“I am on my journey and my journey is different”

Just as our faces are different, so also are our life’s purpose. Just because we have walked the same route on our journey to destiny does not mean my vision is the same as yours, whether you are a friend, sibling or even a twin. Because we grew up together, went to college together, you went into entrepreneurship and was successful, I have to do the same.

What if you feel life pulling you to start an orphanage, what if a 9-5 is the dream life, what if all you want to be is a stay-home wife. This affirmation is a reminder that whatever the next person is doing should not be the rod you use in shaping your life. Follow your purpose, even if it’s through the road less travelled.

Every blessing of time answers to me at the appointed time and season

It was during one of my forays into the bible that I discovered this gem. Some blessings are attached to a time in your life and a season. The best example I can give is this; just as you can’t give a baby anything other than milk for the first few months, a mother will have to wait for the time when she can start the baby on solids.

A five-year-old can’t be given the gift of a car(he can be given in advance) it will be kept until a time when he is ready to ride it. Proverbs says the righteous are like a tree planted by the riverside they bear forth fruit in season. Say this, ‘every blessing that ought to answer in my life at it’s appointed time will answer, and not a moment too late. There will be no delay’.

If it’s not bringing me peace then it’s not making sense

I don’t want to, and you shouldn’t get yourself involved in relationships, opportunities, deals, engagements, situations that rob you of your peace. The evidence that God is in it is peace if God is not there, why should you? Don’t wait till 2020 before you start cutting off habits, people and activities that steal your harmony. They are not worth it.

“I excel at everything I lay my hands to do”

The world system says, ‘there is no guarantee it’s going to work. It’s 50-50. Others have failed at it’ but what does the bible say, ‘I will bless the labour of your hands and whatsoever you lay your hands to do prospers’. Which will you hold firmly to?

Guaranteed, the system is designed to frustrate your efforts, strive against your hopes, yet you have to hold on and keep going. It may not work out as intended. The blueprint may have to be changed a little, if not all together but if God put that desire in your heart, then do as Habakkuk instructs, ‘write the vision make it plain and run with it’. I know, I am quoting scriptures all up to your noses, but it’s the best fortification we’ve got.

“I will take breaks when I need to”

Try not to work yourself into a whirlwind this year; we are always in such a hurry to get things moving, to reach targets, satisfy the expectations others have placed on us and the expectations we have placed on ourselves. Inbetween grinding hard and being the superwoman, know when to pack up, close shop and take care of yourself which includes; being unreachable for a time except for emergency calls, deactivating social media, going on work vacations, meditations, self-indulgence, anything that will get your groove back on. Sometimes we don’t even know when to take that break – the best cue is when you feel physically and mentally drained.

“Everything good happens to me every day”

Go ahead and claim it, Sis. Only good things are permitted to happen to you, so you have declared and so shall it be.

Self-care is about retreating to your happy place to come back a better version of yourself.

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