Step Out like Yemi Alade: 5 Yemi Alade Inspired Items To Not Leave Home Without

Step Out like Yemi Alade: 5 Yemi Alade Inspired Items To Not Leave Home Without

Yemi Alade was featured on BBC Africa, and when Yemi Alade was asked to mention the items that she can not leave home without, the 3-time Headies Award winner, who rose to fame after winning the Peak Talent Show in 2009, ticked the following items off her list.

  • Earings
  • Perfume
  • Hand Lotion

Watch Yemi Alade below.

I’m sure right now that you are eagerly taking a mental note of the items that you always carry with you, come rain, come shine. Before you begin chanting(and smiling sheepishly) face powder, hairbrush, lipstick, phone. Let’s keep in mind the very very important items that really shouldn’t leave your bags, no matter what.

1. Mobile phones

Before you look at this post funny and start screeching “wah? A phone is always in the bag.” I want you to calm down. Some of us(guilty) just get up and leave the house because we believe we are not going far – just down the road, and we will be back soon. 

Always go with your pones. I have on several occasions had to find myself in the middle of a journey, make a u-turn back, because I forgot a piece of vital information, in which I could have just called and gotten it. All thanks but no thanks to, the-Bank-is-not-far-just-five-mins-away-leave-the-phone-at-home.

2. Atm cards:

Regardless of whether you have cash in hand. I know how many times an ATM card has saved me from embarrassments. The money I budgeted for gets exhausted and if not for an ATM Card, I would have had to leg it to my destination or go through embarrassing I’m-sorry-I-don’t-have-enough-on-me moments.

3. Mints:

To save others from your horrible bad breath. It’s not your fault, you could have had no reason to open your mouth all day, and your breath is stale. Before you transfer a whiff of that to the next unsuspecting soul, please pop a mint into your mouth. Other times you may be roused from sleep, and you get up and just go, no time to to do a quick brush. A mint sweet or gum will come in handy.

4. Pads:

For the unpredictable times that come with no warnings. Have an extra Pad in your bag. We know how times like these suck.

5. Vex Money:

Hold Vex money o, Sistahs. Some things are important, but this is “importanta”. What is Vex money? The money you hold as a backup, just in case your date decides to fall your hand – intentionally or not. Doesn’t matter if you are going on a date with your girl gang or a love interest. Hold change for those “kind” of situations. Else you will go out, and somehow the tables turn, and before you know it, you are planning how to help wash dishes – happily whip out your own cash. Baby girl has the capacity to take care of herself.

Are we good? Anything you think we should add to this list, make it known in the comments.

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