Five Sheroes Share Their(awkward?) Interview Experiences

Five Sheros Share Their(awkward?) Interview Experiences

What is life without Exams? Can’t be escaped. You will always be writing an exam or more whether you realize it or not. The sooner you understand that life is a learning process with various tests, the better. Get used to it, get prepared, expect setbacks, expect results…

…And get ready for job interviews! Has anyone ever shared with you how some of their job interviews went down? Mehnnn, the stories are much, and the take-away experiences vary. Before some of us landed our dream jobs, you should know that a lot went down.

Sometimes it’s beyond: researching the company, dressing nicely, responding eloquently and correctly; everything that includes putting your best foot forward, to being on the receiving end of a bad script.

The purpose of this article is to let you know that sometimes there’s a tweak to the script and things don’t go 100 percent as planned. It’s normal to walk into an interview as an excited woman and then walk out some hours later with watery eyes. Interviews get bombed okay? And you might not nail that position. However, when you walk out of that panel, you will be walking out armed with knowledge; of what to and what not to do in case of next time, in-depth knowledge of your abilities, and what you should or should not accept.

Below, five Sheros share their job interview stories. We should warn you; be prepared to release a lot of emotions, because some stories are intense.

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Story 2 Shared By Damie Alabi
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Story 4 Shared By Ashley Devonna
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