Elevate Your Wardrobe To Boss Status with These Power Suits

Suits for every black girl: Elevate your wardrobe to boss status

The Future is Female and we have to dress the part – suits for every black girl

Somedays, I care less about what I am putting on; more like I just throw on a dress that feels appropriate, and head out the door(my staple is a jean and t-shirt. If you like throw in sneakers for the extra bounce) without a second thought on what effect I want to create.

Other days, I would like You and You, and You – everyone one reading this(male and female alike) to feel the power of my presence. I do not want to be just another, of so many faces in the crowd. Iove the thrill I get, to have heads swivel in my direction after I have passed.

Really enjoy the pulse of confidence that comes after painstakingly choosing an outfit that, without a doubt, makes me look dope.

Sometimes for the sake of it, I like to play dress up. Just to remind the world of my power; my struggles, my achievements, my frustrations, my joys all channelled to create what I call the DOPE-amin effect.

Yeah, yeah I’m not just a boss, I’m ‘the boss’. Nothing gives me this rush faster than a suit. A well-cut business suit will have you feeling like a Queen in her Queendom, no matter the occasion and no matter the role you play.

Whether you are: an entrepreneur, a 9-5 employee, a creative, in a meeting with clients, at interviews, at a presentation, or running a quick stop at the mall or even going to pick your kids from school, a suit will give you that spicy dash of confidence. 

What I love about suits mostly, is its versatility. 

You can always find a suit that matches your mood and personality because they come in an array of hues and patterns.

Gone are the days of plain, straight and serious-looking suits. Now you can wear a suit to virtually everywhere that doesn’t involve work including birthday soirees, as a bridesmaid, better yet as a lady-groomsman.

If you are looking to be inspired on the next suit to rock, take a look at some of our absolute faves.

Suits every black girl needs to elevate to boss status

Bolanle is among my class of women, killing it in the media industry. It’s amazing how she balances being a Christian, a host, an entrepreneur, charity work(her creation God’s Wives is noteworthy), and fun altogether while maintaining her super-uber(word I made up) boss status.

I have absolutely no idea what that suit in the picture below is called(does it have a name?) but it is astonishingly creative and fine too.

Pink – the colour of feminity is a bold look for a suit because it screams out attention. If this is the effect that you are looking to create, then you can take a cue from Kim and recreate this look. Life is too short not to rock what you like!

If Toke Makinwa is the true definition of baby girl for life, you bet that I wouldn’t mind at all being Toke. This patterned suit says I don’t take myself too seriously, but I know I’m chic.

Well captioned, “Royalty with a dash of fire”.

Rock a suit of bright colours on a day you feel like radiating positivity, love and light, and anything good.

This metallic blue on Temi Otedola is the suit for every black girl. I am tempted to say shock them at work with this electric blue. Your bosses won’t know what hit ’em. Lol.


Monochrome suits are also a favourite and you can always pair with a variety of colourful accessories. See how well it seats on Toni.

Elaine Welteroth is not toning down for nobody, “tone it down for what!”

If we Did Not have a Rihanna in our lives to take dressing lessons from, what will our generation stand to gain?

Rihanna Remains the ultimate Badgyarl. See how she rocks this suit in the most casual manner ever.

Lala Akindoju is not about to let anyone steal her shine with this glittery number which we absolutely endorse.

There are suits for every black girl, no matter the occasion or the mood. Find your style and strut it.

Which among our fave is your fave? Let us know in the comments.

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Featured image by Elaine Welteroth

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