The Best Pregnancy Apps For You and Your “belly” Bump

Hey moms-to-be! First-time moms and old moms alike – anyone spotting a baby bump. As long as you are a woman, then this post is for you but if you are a man that has a bump-big belly- I can’t help you. Lol.

Pregnancy is such an incredible journey, and this journey is unique with every baby you bring into the world. From the first Positive Pregnancy Test to the delightful Gender Reveal Party, Trips to Antenatal and finally the Birthing room. It is an experience that is worth every minute.

Yes, it can be so overwhelming. This is why we have curated the best mom-to-be apps for you and your bump. Apps that will help you keep track of your overall health and baby growth, pregnancy exercise apps, apps for sleep and meditation…Sis, it’s going to be a very bump-y ride, and you will need all the help you can get with pregnancy apps.

Pregnancy Apps for moms:

Headspace App

This meditation app has a lot of fans, and I am legit one of ’em. I am a big believer in maintaining a positive mindset and
keeping your headspace clear. So any app that can help me do this, has my love.

Don’t let pregnancy stress you. I know managing your pregnancy, work, home, and people will take its toll. I usually recommend journaling: See ‘5 types of journals every woman should have’. Still, you can always use the Headspace app to get into your “zone”, so you can be the best version of yourself at all times.

There are hundreds of sessions on Headspace including sessions for moms and moms-to-be. This app also comes with white noise to help you fall asleep. Yep. Bye to sleep problems. Turn on sleep music and let it drone you off to sleep after an exhausting day.

White Noise Lite – TMSOFT

This sleep app comes very highly recommended. With a variety of sleep sounds to choose from, both moms-to-be, baby, in fact, the whole family can use this to get adequate rest.

It is also battery friendly. Smiling. I don’t joke with my battery and if you are the same, then you have nothing to worry about. Also, it syncs perfectly with your Google home app.

Sprout Pregnancy App

This app made it to Times top 50 apps of the year and has over a million in downloads. Here’s what you get when you download this pregnancy tracker:
Personalized pregnancy timeline
Daily and weekly information about you and the baby
Weight tracker, kick counter and contraction timer

Baby2body Pregnancy App

This app makes it so easy to keep a safe workout routine during pregnancy. So yeah, there’s an app that helps you stay fit during your pregnancy. And it comes with high-quality animations,
pictures and descriptions for each exercise.

What To Expect (pregnancy apps for moms): pregnancy and baby tracker

From the makers of the book ‘What to expect when you are expecting’ comes an app tailored to preggy moms. You are definitely going to love this one. This pregnancy app comes with a beautiful interface first of all, which makes it appealing to use.

It comes with articles to guide you from preconception to toddler years, personalized baby registry checklist (helps you scout the web for baby things), and week by week body change info.

Ovia Pregnancy tracker

This pregnancy app comes with unique features such as baby names suggestions; you can swipe through thousands of baby names and pick your favourite, illustrations of what your little one looks like each week in the womb, due date calculator.

Community support: Find other moms-to-be, get your pressing questions answered and so on.
It comes with a journal that allows you to track your blood pressure, weight, baby’s first kick, and baby bump photos and so much more – etcetera, etcetera.

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