The Slum Flower Narrative- Why Saggy Boobs Matter!

Remember the law of gravity? Whatever goes up must come down! Sadly, this includes boobs. Saggy boobs are real.

Yeah, the law of gravity applies to your boobs too! They are firm, bouncy, full and perky in adolescence but gradually, as you begin to age, they fall and droop towards your navel.

Several factors are responsible for this; breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, age and some times, it’s really just genetics.

The fascinating thing, just like everything about nature is that saggy boobs do not occur exactly the same way in every woman. Some women don’t sag until much later, as they settle into motherhood, while others have saggy boobs even in adolescence.

If Sagging, is a natural phenomenon then much ado about what?

The SlumFlower Narrative- Why Saggy Boobs Matter!
The Slum Flower Narrative- Why Saggy Boobs Matter!

Yes, sagging is a natural phenomenon, and every woman will sag eventually either earlier or later. However, women who have saggy boobs much earlier in life, face harsh criticism based on the world’s standard of beauty and the ideal figure. The world’s standard of beauty for women has no place for saggy boobs.

In Nigeria especially, boobs shaming can be so intense. The first thing that comes to mind after seeing a young girl with saggy boobs is; she has had several sexual partners, and she probably has a baby hidden somewhere.

Chidera Eggerue is the 23-year-old woman whose picture went viral after a Nigerian music producer shared a photo of her, and made fun of her boobs on his page, causing a stir and a trail of body-shaming comments.
However, she chose to rise above this status quo and change the narrative of body shaming by deciding she had had enough and creating a movement #saggyboobsmatter.

Chidera Eggerue, @theslumflower, is an award-winning blogger, speaker, creative director and a presenter of the MOBO Awards.

Speaking in an interview with ITV’s This Morning show, Chidera talks about the intense pressure on women to have perfect bodies and more. She went on to say, “I’m reclaiming ownership of every single negative connotation attached to what it means to have saggy boobs.”

While in a chat with The Guardian, she revealed that at 18, she felt her boobs were “too saggy” and not the perfectly rounded shape that dominates the mainstream images of women. She also confessed she had wanted a boob job!

The Slum Flower Narrative- Why Saggy Boobs Matter!
The Slum Flower Narrative- Why Saggy Boobs Matter!

She never did get that boob job. Instead, she learned confidence in her own skin. Learning to love her body just as it was, spurred in her the movement to help other women do the same.

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Writing on her blog SlumFlower, she gives the following account.
“My body matured faster than my mind did. I never got the opportunity to celebrate my teenage body because I was too busy picking it apart, and condemning it even though it was doing its best. If I could go back in time, I’d make peace with my spirit sack but the past can’t be changed. Although, our perspectives can change, and that’s exactly what I had to do to arrive at a place of peace within my body.”

She went on to say, “First of all, women do not exist for the consumption of men. Biologically, our bodies are built for babies. Babies don’t care about how perky your boobs are, they just want to be fed. Men aren’t and will never be in a position to tell women ‘how to be a woman’. Impressing men isn’t even a goal worth making. As long as you have a female reproductive organ, men will naturally be drawn to you anyway. Nature doesn’t recognize beauty standards. There is literally no wrong way to be a woman. There is literally no wrong way to have a body, as long as your body is functioning well enough to keep you alive.”

She continues.

“Due to the under-representation of saggy-looking boobs in the media, we are all taught that there’s only one way to be beautiful, and that includes having super perky boobs. But the majority of these films, campaigns, and music videos are directed by men (who a lot of the time, don’t even know what they want anyway. So why aspire to please an inconsistent person)? If I had seen women with saggy boobs being glorified for their beauty, I wouldn’t have developed a complex as a very young teenager. This is exactly why representation is important. The more you see someone who looks like you in positions of success, the more your image is normalized, the less of a spectacle your reflection is and the more comfortable you will be in your body. It is that deep.”

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“Social media is where we’re seeing a lot of standards arise,” she explains of the fresh self-esteem challenges that her generation is facing. “The current body standards of someone like Kim Kardashian, for example. While she’s beautiful, the issue is that we all want to be liked, so to be liked we conform to what we think everyone likes and that can come at the cost of your safety, at the cost of your mental well-being. It’s really damaging to young people who don’t even know themselves yet, but already want to be someone else.” She said in an interview with British Vogue.

Watch her interview on ITV’S ‘This Morning’ show.

I Refuse to Be Shamed For My Saggy Boobs | This Morning

Chiderah continues to evolve into a strong woman, a model of female empowerment and self-worth! You will find her on Instagram @theslumflower!

Is There a Way To Slow Down Sagging Boobs? Well, Yes!

One of which includes wearing a fitting bra. See our previous post for everything you need to know about choosing a bra that suits you. Wearing a fitting bra helps boobs fight the effects of gravity in the long term.

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