If You are a church girl and know how to slay, Read This

These Iconic Styles Speak, "I'm a church girl, but I know how to slayyyy"

And we slaying girl, we slay.

There has been this notion that if you want to be regarded as a Christian girl, ably representing our Lord Jesus Christ, we have to appear docile in sombre looking garb. We don’t have to dress raunchy, nah, sis. But when it comes to our style, then we have to slay in several different ways, from Sunday.

My favourite looks(church styles) are spread out down below. Quit what you are doing and have a good “soak”.

Colour matching shall never look so good.

Ankara is such versatile clothing. You can style it any which way and rock the office, school, church or any occasion. It promises to always deliver and on my word, it can make a girl look a million dollar.

Keep it classy. Not trashy. And a bit nasty.

This full mid-length skirt will have everyone “outchea” turning heads. It sure gives one a mean kind of confidence.

And this is how I want to arrive, in all my melanin Sunday glory, looking like Rita Dominic. #givedemhothot

Full-length polka dot dress, dark shades, milk coloured hat is likely to be the tonic you need on a Sunday morning.

Look at this and be reminded to splash some nudes to go with your Little Red Dress.

It’s a dress! Look again.

What’s a lady without her high waist pants?

Who knew an orange dress can look so good.

Green and white striped dress, a statement purse and a cosy shawl will keep bad energy away.

It’s a wrap! Tell us your favourites(church styles) in the comment section. Eager to know yours.

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Featured Image: @by_lians_clothier

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