#Question: What if What You Need is A Change of Church?

This is Why You Should Change Church And Be Unapologetic About It

This is why you should change your church and be unapologetic about it.

“I am glad when they say let us go into the house of the lord. I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the lord” – Psalm 122.

The Psalmist says, “ I am glad when they say let us go into the house of the lord” – are you? This is the question you should ask yourself as you settle in to read this.

It’s question time. How is your spiritual life, burning or barely alive? How’s bible study? Lastly and very important, how is church attendance, once in a month…when there is a special program or when your flatmate drags you to church?

If you did not answer positively to these questions, then you should read this. In a recent article, bad habits, you should let go of this year 2020, I said this is the year you should take your spiritual growth with seriousness. We are spiritual beings – know this or not – and the spiritual affects the physical a great deal. This is the reason why your spiritual growth should be a priority, alongside your grind or whatever you have going on for you.

Spiritual growth means gaining deeper ground as a Christian – getting more intimate with God. Moving from babyhood to adolescence, and then adults and elders in your spirituality. It’s the same as physical, emotional and mental growth. Most people develop in these areas but neglect the spiritual.

Key things to achieve spiritual growth include

  1.  Bible study(you have to read the word)
  2. Prayer
  3. Church attendance – a lot of people argue that church attendance is not really important for a Christian but what I do have to say about this is the bible verse that says, “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day. – Heb 10:25.”

 “He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty – Psalm 91”.

The “secret place” is the place of prayer. You have to attach to your source through prayer. When you fellowship with God in prayer, it brings clarity, it brings confidence, and it brings peace. It’s on the prayer altar you get transparency on the plan and vision for your life.

Paul’s instruction, brethren do not neglect the fellowship of the brethren, was for all our sakes. Not because he wants you to fill up the church and warm the benches but because you need to refuel before you go back home and face the realities of life.

Your church is for encouragement, nourishment, as a second home – a place of rest – and most importantly, a place where you can get a word for any situation you find yourself – direction. 

The scripture says ” Then I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will lead you with knowledge and understanding”.

If this and so much more is what your church should be doing for you, then why do you feel a disconnect? Why do you find church a bore – “I was glad when they said…” Why are you a bench warmer, why is it a struggle for you to participate in church activities?

I want you to ponder on this.

You need to move sis, change your church!

I have always grasped that nothing about our lives that has not been carefully mapped out by the Master – except you choose to live life unintentionally.

Jeremiah 1:5 says “before I formed you in the womb I knew you before you were born I set you apart…” He says, “and the very hairs on your head are all numbered…”

If this God is this detailed, then you should know he has the blueprint – down to the last ink – of what he has designed for you to become and accomplish. He knows how you can get there, he knows the people you will need to push, motivate, chastise, empower you, and he knows the church that will spur your growth. So why do you feel that any church is okay? 

You need to belong to a church where you feel connected.

I once read a book by Joyce Meyer – can’t place the title now. She said she used to have a personal assistant who, after serving with her for quite a time, came to Joyce Meyer with the news that she was leaving the church. When Joyce inquired, she said she didn’t feel that the church was for her presently. She was not growing. She felt the urge to change church entirely. Joyce Meyer was devastated, because this lady was one of her best, and she couldn’t comprehend why she wanted to change her church.

Joyce revealed she was worried that she did something wrong. That was why the lady didn’t feel loved or welcomed enough.

She wrestled with this for a while, and wouldn’t let the woman leave. God had to reveal to Joyce Meyer that for the purpose for which he has called that lady, she has to go to this new church.

Is your church catering for your current spiritual need? God may be taking you through the Engineering of dynamics, for example, but you are in a church that is teaching Statics. Do you get the drift?

Finding a church is similar to window shopping; stand by shop windows and feast your eyes until you see something that attracts you, and you go in and acquire. When you move into a new area, nothing prevents you from attending different churches until you find the one that resonates with you. You can even pray, “Lord lead me to the church you have for me”.

I promise, your church experience would be more fulfilling, and you will go from benchwarmer to active member.

Sis, can you promise that you will be more intentional about the church you choose to attend? Yes – your answer is yes. Then let’s do this.

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