Transform Your Living Space Into A Mini Heaven with these Decor Ideas

Don’t sleep on it, just do it! If not now when? We have the perfect home decor themes you will love. Ranging from natural, to concrete. Needless to say, Black and Gold is back this year and if you prefer Terrazzo, this is the perfect year to splurge.

No more procrastinating; take those ideas you have had for a while, mix ’em with a little inspo from us and turn your living quarters into something dreamy.

Architect Zahira Cury of D.Signers has culled a few trending decor ideas for 2019 such as: The Japandi decor style; a combination of Scandinavian, and Japanese for a warm and cozy interior. Curved furnishings for giving character to your space, and Living Coral for natures gentle touch.

Want to know what’s trending in home decor? Watch it all.

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