Vogue’s Cover Star, Adesua Etomi — What Her Journey Will Teach You

It can be very frustrating toiling over a vision without making headway and boy oh boy, you have tried. We totally understand. Don’t throw in the towel is what we are here to tell you.

“Do not throw in the towel”.  Yup, the quotes are intentional, for emphasis — your dream is worthwhile and it will be accomplished.

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We know, the delayed gratification makes you want to abandon ship and the plenty bumps in the road has you doubting. One thing you should bear in mind whenever you set long term goals is that the glory may not manifest immediately. Remember there is a law; seed time and harvest — Put in the work, with the goal in mind and be determined not to be frustrated when you see very little or no manifestations of your effort.

Do Not Despise the Days of Little Beginnings

So says the Bible and probably thought Adesua Etomi-Wellington as she struck a pose at the shoot of Vogue Magazine. Yes! “Our girl” is on the cover of American Vogue’s April Issue, and we are giddy with excitement. Let’s hope we don’t get clumsy and spill some ink!

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Adesua is not loved only for her exceptional role in films such as: Knocking on Heaven’s Door, Falling, Wedding Party 1 and 2 alone, but also for her gentle spirit and the warmth she spreads as she boldly testifies about God has endeared her to many.

It can be tempting strolling through her Instagram Feed coveting, wishing and hoping to have the life of this young woman — beauty, seemingly aristocratic family, solid career, supportive husband Banky Wellington; and as Vogue puts it, “The Nigerian actress Adesua Etomi-Wellington can’t walk down the street in Lagos without getting mobbed, and if she’s with her husband, the actor Banky Wellington, forget it—a trip to the grocery store launches a thousand selfies.’’    

Was There a Time When She Seemingly Didn’t Have It All Figured Out?

Today, I’m grateful for my university education. I remember how my mum and I would sit and wonder how we’d pay my university fees every single year. It’s amazing how God took me from that, to being celebrated and painted on the wall by the same university that we could barely afford. It may look hard right now but hang in there, there’s nothing God cannot do. It will end in praise but remember to put in the work.

Adesua Etomi

Adesua Etomi not only finished her program at the University of Wolverhampton, she graduated Summa Cum laude and made it to Wolverhampton’s Hall of Fame! What a way to close that chapter.

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My career, well I didn’t have one and it wasn’t for lack of trying, people I loved were going through tough times, everything wasn’t going right. It became hard to pray. I’d stay in my house, in bed for dayssss. I never talked about it. On so many occasions, I would cry myself to sleep. I constantly wished I was someone else.

Adesua Etomi

Etomi eventually packed her bags and moved back to Nigeria in 2012, and she featured in her first Nollywood film, Knocking on Heaven’s Door in 2014, thus beginning her journey into the spotlight.

Adesua Etomi’s Life Tip Can Be Summed Thus:

I started to speak positive about myself and my life. I started to laugh more and then I learn’t the secret of being content in any and every situation.

Are you currently going through a rough patch? Take a deep breath, reflect back on other rough scrapes you have had in the past which you overcame — give thanks, you will come out of this one too.

The power of positive thinking, and speaking will continue to be hammered on for it is one sure way to beat depression.

Always be content in whatever season you are — be content while praying for a level up.

I am not saying it all makes sense now, but things are definitely better than it used to be. It didn’t happen overnight but it did happen.

Adesua Etomi

Are you still down thinking it’s finished for you, no hope? You are wrong.

Her Most Important Life Tip of All

There’s a reason I constantly try to remember to keep God at the center of it all. He is literally holding me together.

If you have God in your corner babe, you have all you need!

Swipe through our Gallery for Adesua Etomi’s smashing looks overtime!

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