We Have Decided, Hashtags Are the Real Wedding MVPs

We Have Decided, Hashtags Are the Real Wedding MVPs

Hey! I’m new here so be nice…!

Since you are here already, I am hoping that I have your attention, so I had better make the best use of it else I lose it forever.

I’m here to talk to you about something we all love. Certainly, everyone loves to dress up, show up or show off on Saturdays to dance to happy ever afters and chink champagne glasses to beautiful beginnings.

As Nigerians, there are things that make us glow and unite as one, as we smile to cameras to pepper dem friends and loved ones. Wedding tops the list, and everyone gets ecstatic about the thought of attending one(if you don’t have to bite off your nails while summing up the costs), especially when a loved one is involved.

We Have Decided, Hashtags Are the Real Wedding MVPs

As humans evolve, so does the wedding industry in Nigeria and now, people earn a living from this blossoming trade amidst gross youth unemployment in the country; at this point, I say cheers to all of Naija’s lovely couples. You all are the real MVPs.

In the face of the beautiful decors, the multi-tiered cakes, Aso-Ebis, the souvenirs and of course, Naija party Jollof, there’s a lot of hard work(creative thinking) that goes on before the wedding day. If you don’t know, wedding hashtags are now art which requires a skilled craftsman, considering the amount of time that goes into deciding on a power-name. Just think of fashioning something beautiful out of two incompatible names.

Remember when the wealthiest men in the world gathered in Lagos to watch Fatima Dangote and Jamil Abubakar become one? It trended the hashtag #Famil2018, while our very own Banky and Adesua trended #Baad2017. These are basically acronyms of the names of the couples and of course, there have been some cheeky creations like #STEAL2018 from names like Stephen and Alice.

Well, these days, the trend seems to have moved from acronyms to more resourceful hashtags like #Flighttoforever for a union between a Captain (Pilot) and his better half, #eleshunion, #Ipromisesandra and many more.

These hashtags set the tone for the wedding and add to the efizzy of the event. Everyone wants a beautiful beginning to a never-ending affair(no one wants to know what marital skeletons are created afterwards, so long as the wedding party was lit), so what better way can it possibly start than using a strong affirmation in form of hashtags for the union.

I can tell that you’ve seen some funny hashtags in the past and some beautiful ones also that made you go ‘awwww’ or the cringe-worthy ones that made you go ‘ewwww’. Share your experiences with us, which has been your favourite so far and which’s been your least favourite?

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